Need help filling out a job paper!

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14 Oct 2009, 7:18 pm

I'm going through VR job thing for help finding a job good news I'm OFF the waiting list but the letter I got mentions an IPE (Individulized Plan for Employment) I Googled the term and it's basically more papers you need to feel out OH JOY! Anyway one of the top questions is "What are my work goals?" UH! I have no idea what I'd put (Yes I'm asking strangers on a messageboard for advice on this LOL!) Anyway if it was up to me MONEY WISE I'd just go back to College BUT I NEED the job to FUND College so UH?! How do I word that? Obvioulsy it wouldn't look good I'm getting a job just to pay to go back to College but truthfully that'd the only goal I can think of but sitting here thinking on it it seems rude. :-) Please help in making a good reply!


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14 Oct 2009, 10:51 pm

Hi zeldapsychology,

It would help if you could indicate what type of job you are applying for, because specific goals should be tailored to specific jobs. Nonetheless, here are some suggestions for generic goals that can be tweaked for almost any job application:

1. Gain experience in the ________ industry (or field).
2. Use my skills in the ______ industry (or field).
3. Hone my skills in the ______ industry (or field).
4. Entry level position in the ______ industry (or field) with opportunities for advancement.

Hope this helps :D