Five fields an Aspie should NEVER work in

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18 Nov 2014, 9:26 am

indianadowjones wrote:
Strangely, I like being in front of a crowd and speaking or teaching about something. Even impromptu speaking, if I know I'll have the audience's attention. Someone told me once this trait proves I'm not an aspie. I have a diagnosis that would disagree.

My Mom couldn't believe it when I started speaking publicly because I couldn't talk to people growing up. ~shrugs~ It's much easier to address a topic and hit all the points without the complications of someone else butting in. ;) So, yeah, I'm much more comfortable up on a stage or in front of a camera than I am in a conversation with a group of people.

She also thinks I'm 'fixed' and 'normal enough' now that I've stopped being non-verbal around her. Doesn't get me at all.