Do you find yourself having to re-do assignments?

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14 Dec 2013, 8:25 pm

I have found myself re-doing assignments in more than one job, on more than one occasion - ostensibly because of lack of ToM, resulting in communication barriers. Or sometimes I miss "the big picture" or WHY I'm doing something, and end up putting in irrelevant stuff. Of course, sometimes I wonder if it's not just me, but a boss or manager who can't explain what s/he wants, or it's something highly subjective.

When I started working as a business systems analyst, I remember circulating a technical spec around to a couple of team members, and it came back with ALL KINDS of corrections- much of it crossed-out text. One person left a print-out with red ink on my desk, and I could tell by the handwriting that it was angry, even some big question marks with the words "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??" :o

It took me a while to realize that I was only seeing things from my perspective, as usual, because with ToM deficits that was all I knew. This later resulted in me sitting in a boss's office going through print-outs of my documents and working through them, crossing out or writing in what needed to be changed, updating the copy on my computer, then doing another iteration - often this would be like 10 times before it was "satisfactory" to them. 8O I really became a villain to trees after all those print outs, let me tell you!!

Basically, by not "nailing it right, right away" I became a target for micro-managing and it just deteriorated from there. I HATED the extra scrutiny, and it was based on subjective preference of how THEY wanted the document to appear. In hindsight much of it was nit-picking, particularly from one boss who I detected later on was just being passive-aggressive because she really didn't like me. In fact, with her, I ended up changing a document back to what it was like four revisions ago, which was pretty much done on purpose to throw me off-balance. :x

One tip/trick I found that has worked well, and this has diminished the issue somewhat (but it still persists now and then) is to provide the boss/manager with a sample of what you've done, or a "shell" of the document with a brief explanation of what you intend to put in each main section, and describe how you intend to relate the sections based on the objective of the project or business case (that way, it conveys that you're a big-picture thinker who "gets it") and see if you get a positive reaction with good feedback. With this technique, most managers won't pick up that there's something "odd" about you, only that you appear more conscientious than the norm perhaps, which can be a plus.

I got part of this technique from reading the Aspergers workplace guide book by Barbara Bissonnette, which was a real help - the sample idea - the shell part I thought of on my own. Of course, if you recognize similarities or patterns between assignments, then you might not need to use the technique over and over - you want to use the manager's feedback sparingly for when you REALLY need it, lest you invite the micromanaging hounds in.

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18 Dec 2013, 5:13 pm

This has happened to me on the odd occasion when the requirements of a job have been explained in a rather vague manner by my bosses (I work in construction as most of the time I'm just given a list of things to do and then left to work on my own at my own pace which suits me just fine) or if I'm on a new site and don't know my way around it yet.
The problem with having multiple managers on site is usually poor communication between them resulting in one telling me to, for example, move some materials from one point to another only for another to later tell me that said materials are in the wrong place resulting in me having to move them somewhere else on site.
When I was doing sash window restoration I seemed to spend more of my time correcting other peoples mistakes though.

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19 Dec 2013, 12:29 am

I used to redo my forms all the time because of the mistakes in visual spatial coordination that I made.