Looking for a job but lacking experience

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16 Jun 2015, 9:33 pm

Scorpius14 wrote:
CateJayne wrote:
Is there any chance you can transfer the university credit to another uni or a community college, ideally so that by taking just a few more classes you can earn a degree or some sort of community college diploma?

In the 2 years that I studied 2 different subjects, i only passed 3 units that were worth 20 credits each (120 credits would have been needed if I wanted to transfer to another university), besides university life isn't for me, neither is the workload, too much group work and I didn't see eye to eye with my lecturers or colleagues, either you're gonna do well or you don't.

CateJayne wrote:
Do you know anybody who would just give you a job (as a favor)? Or can put in a good word for you at a company you've applied to?

If all else fails, sucking it up and taking a crappy minimum wage fast food or mall job may have to do for the time being.

I don't know anyone in my family, though I have asked and even though they work for big corporations and I have applied for them in the past, they are too high on the corporate ladder to help me (they are in managerial positions and I would realistically be applying to the lowest level such as store floor assistant).

Secondly crappy jobs people seem to tell me to apply for such as fast-food places are always full up especially in my area. I also lack the communication skills so even if i were to apply, get the job, I wouldn't survive a day there.

I'm frequently asked "do you know what job you are searching for?" and "do you need help finding jobs?", questions I can't answer because there isn't an answer, how can I apply for any job as I haven't had one before? They expect you to know everything about being in one.

Those are two very basic questions that you really, really need to figure out answers to -- the first can be broken down into subcomponents, like:

- what can you NOT tolerate?
- what kind of work environment do you think you can tolerate?
- what sort of transportation do you have? Ie car and license, access to bus/subway/etc.
- what do you enjoy doing?
- are there any social services agencies in your area? Do they offer career aptitude testing? If not, can they refer you to an organization that does?
- what jobs are available in your area?
- what skills do you have?

If there's no careers office in the area, the "What Color Is Your Parachute" is a book of helpful exercises that can help you identify potential career interests.

The fact that folks are ASKING you if you need help applying for jobs is s good thing -- it implies you have friends/social network that can HELP you find a job once you've decided what kind of job you can tolerate.

You really do need to take the INITIATIVE to figure out what kind of work you can do. Nobody else can do it FOR you!


Also, everybody had no job experience when they started looking for a first job... they found a first a job, so you probably will to.