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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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18 Aug 2015, 1:39 am

Hey guys. I'm 19, graduated high school over a year ago, and well, this is my first time I've actually gotten a job so far thanks to my dad's help and him being a way in. However... I don't do well in social situations at all like most people with Aspergers. My job, well... is going to be working in a busy elementary school cafeteria. Complete chaos for someone with noise sensitivities, difficulty focusing, and social phobia as well... but I do need the money. I also have a hard time doing things that's given to me with visual/verbal instruction too because there's a bit of a processing delay, and I do a lot of basic things in a way that most people would consider awkward, so that probably doesn't help either.

Any tips on how to do well in this kind of job, or at least survive without getting fired? I'm even nervous about training though, because I've been mostly living in my room the entire past year and I'm not used to people and stuff ._.

Thanks for the help too guys

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23 Aug 2015, 3:35 pm

Hi there.
I also have social anxiety, and I am in general a socially awkward person.
I have never had a problem with noise sensitivity so I cant help you there.
I remember the first time I worked in a real job setting it was sensory overload for me I just wanted to run and not tell anyone and I would have but fortunately I worked with my dad and he told me to at least give it one day first. I encourage you to do the same at least give it one day. I can relate to not taking directions well, its like sometimes my boss gives me directions and its like I try to rush the conversation because I don't want to talk so I say things like "yea...yea...ok...sure" and then all the sudden my boss walks away thinking I understood him and in reality I have no idea what he said. Recently its been getting better for me so my advice would be not to rush conversations take them slow and ask questions. Also eye contact I know at first making eye contact for me made it harder to concentrate on what I wanted to say but if you keep integrating small eye contact for me it made it easier to understand what people were saying. lastly good luck I'm sure you will be ok I don't know much you can really screw up working in a school cafeteria that would make them fire you. but like I said at least give it a day but it is possible that the job is not for you and if that's the case don't torture yourself. you just never know until you try.
come back and tell us how things went. :D