Bosses who think they know everything about autism

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28 Sep 2015, 4:29 pm

My previous boss thinks, he knows everything about autism. But I tend to think that he is making mistakes and thoughts that can easily be debunked:

- "Autistics are intellectually challenged, so Hmk must also be intellectually challenged." How then? Is there is proof of me, being retarded? I can request the latest WISC III test from my latest psychologist (IQ is between 130 and 135).

- "I am really worried that you live in a rental apartment." Maybe he thinks that the majority of autistics cannot live alone. I don't know the exact figures, but even if the majority can't, it doesn't mean that I can't either. I have an excellent bookkeeping system about my own finances. "If a group home staff thinks I cannot live independently, it wouldn't let me take the steps to independence that I just took." And the staff does know what it is doing!

- "There will be a work relocation. How will Hmk handle it? Autistics are said not to be able to handle changes. So nor can Hmk." First I have had more work relocations in the past. And I have a few private relocations, with some changes. I can handle them well, since changes are either logical or necessary (so they have a reason).

- "Hmk cannot manage tasks that have been given to him." For several years that is true in a certain extent, but the last few years I do that independently. Since a few weeks I use an Excel table in which the tasks are listed and sorted on the deadline date/time.