The Bible of Truck Driver's Safety

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29 Oct 2015, 2:42 pm

This is a list of Industries in America with the highest number of criminals employed, with the highest crime rates amongst the profession, with the highest chances of a lone law abiding straggler being victimized by the way the profession just simply is.

1. Commercial Truck Drivers, especially over the road, long haul.
2. Tow truck drivers.
3. Taxi cab drivers.
4. Non-Corporate, "small business" mechanics, especially Tires, Brakes, Tune-Up and Oil change shops.
5. Bouncers and Unarmed security staff.
6. Traveling Carnival Owners and Staff.
7. Small time, Traveling "Professional Wrestling" show business.
8. City Trash collectors.
9. City Street workers.
10. Movers.

Those are statistically the industries in America dominated by, or highly populated by criminals.

Here's how to avoid the criminal element in commercial truck driving.

1. ALWAYS Rent, or Lease your own rig, and hire a manager who knows how to set you up with business, DO NOT take a job working for somebody's company..

These "Trucking Companies" are criminal dominated, they are extremely discriminatory (just coming with the criminal territory).... they illegally overwork their drivers and tell them to use illegal substances, which is both a DUI (with a CDL) and illegal in an of itself.

However, Renting or leasing your own rig from a place like Ryder Transportation Services, allows you to safely replace dangerous truck stops, with THEIR terminals, for all your needs.
It also makes YOU the money, instead of being ripped off by thieves, and goes around the discriminatory practices.

2. NEVER go into a Truck stop, you go into the weigh station, get weighed, and get out... You're thirsty ? go get a drink at the 7 eleven... Do not walk around the Weigh Station or enter a truck stop.

3. You're friends with NO other "Trucker".... only the Ryder staff behind the counter (at most).

4. Always Carry an operational cell phone, with the local police departments of your Itinerary on speed dial, and carry whatever LEGAL weapons you can... a Baseball bat, Pepper spray, a Hammer, a Box cutter for protection.
Or a Taser if you're permitted to have one, (but no actual firearms, for obvious reasons).

5. Buy a "Visa Buxx" Card and put money on it before you go.... NEVER carry cash OR Checks.. and ALWAYS store your licenses, permits, insurance cards and Photo IDs in a SEPERATE WALLET from the one you normally carry on your person, and put THAT wallet away in a place least suspected that it would be inside the truck.

And SHRED all financial documents from small purchases, like receipts, as they can be traced to your bank account an identify you (over time).

6. DO NOT EVER STOP THE TRUCK TO HELP ANYBODY, PERIOD, you're just dead to the world as far as you're concerned.

7. DO NOT SLEEP IN THE CAB OF THE TRUCK.... SLEEP IN A CORPORATE HOTEL ROOM.... Have reservations made in advance for that.

And then the issue about safety becomes "why should I give my money to Ryder?"

Well, Truck driving is very financially expensive to begin with, even if you own the truck yourself.. and there is no way that you're going to escape that fact.

But Renting or leasing from Ryder (or a place like it), and not being employed by a trucking company... and drumming up your own business, is much LESS expensive in the long run... and takes away the barriers to your earning potential, while the prices stay relatively stable.

It also provides you with a line of support, from REAL professionals who care about their customers (you).

Also, owning the truck yourself comes with disadvantages...
It’s very expensive, and You have no support behind you.
And LIKE working for somebody else's highly criminally active company.... you're prone to truck stops..
BECAUSE you have no support behind you with facilities, technical services, insurance, fuel, maintenance, and equipment.

And here is what would happen if they went into a truck stop.

I said that somebody who goes into a truck stop is taking their life into their own hands... bought and paid for.
They could be beaten up, very badly...

These are criminals... they're not defending themselves, and they're NOT wanted for "assault" like you're thinking of assault...

They're wanted for "assault".... like taking a crow bar, and bashing somebody's jaw clean off with it.. and busting half their rib cage with steel toe boots... and crushing somebody's eye socket with their boots... and slicing their face open with a box cutter.

And they're not looking at 10 months in the slammer for popping their teacher.... they're looking at RETIREMENT inside the prison.... 45, 50 years upon conviction.. or even the death penalty.

That's if you're male.
Much worse if you're female.

Simply put, there are ways to do things, and ways not to do things.... and the roads MORE traveled towards getting things done, are usually also the roads leading to MORE problems.

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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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29 Oct 2015, 2:57 pm

What makes the jobs on this list so prone to having a high number of criminal employees, is that these jobs are
what you call Vocations, and Vocations tend to be fairly easy, low to medium-skilled, and almost entry level easy to get into.
It doesn't take a lot of academic education, (or relative intelligence) to do the job, or to be qualified for the job.
And most criminals also like to work with their hands, because that's what they're qualified for.