What are good jobs if you like research?

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26 Oct 2015, 12:33 pm

I've been researching "your passion" your calling what you truly love doing etc. etc.

and I know it! I've found it years ago!

College research papers. Where others go OMG! PAPER! I tried to find topics of interest that I could write about.

Anything from how Autism is seen in the courtroom (I was and have a Criminal Justice Bachelors Degree and have AS so why not write about that?) :-)

Others I didn't like such as the 2nd amendment I looked up the ACTUAL WORD FOR WORD amendment and what it stated as well as discussing the IMO COOL! Black Panthers african americans that went to the white house in protest HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! !! !!

Writing on serial killer biographies from profiling class EASY!

In fact ages ago when I was writing serial killer behavior papers for Psychology I didn't watch practically any t.v. or play Nintendo for 6+ months I was that captivated digging up and citing interesting scientists for paper writing! I also love putting my own spin on things Dr. Joe stated blah blah BORING! Me: According to Dr. Joe blah blah who would have thunk it? I pose questions! I write as if I'm writing to someone WHO DOESN'T UNDERSTAND THE TOPIC! NOT A PhD professor!! !

So? What would be a good field for me do you think? Kind of considering law research perhaps put a spin on that and get into that area of CJ although I'm more killer based perhaps change my interest? Since t.v. show drama interest aren't going to get you anywhere.

Thanks WP!


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29 Oct 2015, 1:36 am

Some i can think of:

- Journalist (Obviously)
- Forensics analyst / Crime scene investigator
- Intelligence analyst / Business intelligence
- Private Investigator
- Human Relations (looking into peoples backgrounds)

Any job that involves 1) gathering information, 2) making sense out of it and 3) presenting it so others can understand it. But before you chose what to do, talk to a few people who works with the thing in real life and ask them what the pros/cons are. Some jobs mentioned above can be really depressing and can require regular psychiatric counselling, even if the work itself can be fun.

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29 Oct 2015, 9:24 am

Research assistant. But you would have to take social statistics 1 and 2 and actually pay attention and learn it. Which is not that bad and doesn't require prior knowledge of math.

I have a friend who didn't even finish her Master's program and got hired as a research assistant for the government I think making a pretty good salary.