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16 Dec 2016, 3:08 am

I'm not the boss, but kinda.

I've only been with this company for just over a year. I haven't had a change in titles or pay, but, my job has evolved into a bit more of a working supervisor type role. Right now I only have one minion, but I've had myself + 5 others to manage at times. It's not rocket surgery stuff.. I did go to business school, but actually doing it vs. textbook learning is interesting. The most interesting time definitely had to be when we were crunched for time and I decided to make my rounds and see that everyone was on track to finish in time.. nope, a couple guys had gone off task and I needed to give them some quick direction. Still a "wtf? you had one job!" kinda moment, though. Runner up would have to be people not working safely. Again, wtf?, I'm not telling you to do it this way to make it harder or take longer.. I'm telling (not asking) you to do it this way because it's the safest & your way is downright dangerous.

Also, the lead hand/first aid guy on the main site I'm on got injured and is out for months. So they sent me for the OFA1 training so now I'm first aid attendant, too. I still don't have an ideal work mix/workload, but, it's at least an intersting mix that I'm learning valuable things from vs. simply lifting heavy things.

I've been considering taking on some sort of part time work after the new year. Maybe bartending or sales again. Now I don't have to decide. A very close friend of mine told me an idea for a new business division to add to his growing empire. I gave him my feedback/input (as I always do with his work/projects) because I want to see him continue to succeed. He liked my initial ideas and told me to track my hours as I ought to get paid for them. So now I'm doing some marketing/number crunching/engineering type stuff for my friend's newest product line alongside him from the ground up. Hopefully it works out to be a manageable workload for me. I know he tends to give his business nearly 100% of his waking hours. He can have what I can give & I'll only bill him for that, of course. This whole project is going to be tons of fun.

Total aside: If other things work out I'll bel launching the very basic beginnings of an entirely different business (mine, not his) with other friends & some mutual friends (and possibly him) next Summer.

Good thing I don't have a personal life.. oh wait, I've recently started dating someone and hope it works out.. ha, first world problems, I know.

Anways, yeah.. getting to do some boss-like stuff in a few areas of work and life recently and it's good times. 8)

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