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05 May 2007, 1:09 pm

Sometimes I feel like I have been on drugs because whenever I get told to do something at work and it's not part of my job or in my schedule of what I do, I get all confused and feel lost inside like I have been zapped to another planet. I'm working and all of a sudden I am somewhere else because I am told to do something and I feel confused inside. The task sounds simple but in my head I find it very difficult to do it so the office clerk always has to get someone to show me how something is done or where an item is I need to bring to the guests. Is this an aspie thing or an autistic thing or is it something else?

Also when I am working, I get so busy I forget to finish some of my tasks so I get yelled at by my office clerk. Yesterday I was supposed to vacuum the business center but because I couldn’t find a new vacuum bag because the other one was full, I didn’t vacuum it and when I did find a bag finally, I had totally forgotten all about it so I didn’t do it. Whenever I have to do something that isn’t in my routine, I forget to do it. I have to do it now or I’ll forget. Is this an aspie thing or an autistic thing or is it something else I have?

Also while I was doing inventory, my office clerk calls me on the radio and tells me the mens restroom on the lobby level needs paper and toilet paper so I go down to do it but I see it already has toilet paper in it so I go back to my job and then she alerts me again and tells me the main restrooms on lobby level needs toilet paper. I wasn’t sure what a main restroom was because I have never heard of ‘main restrooms’ so I assumed the mens and said it already has toilet paper. But she kept saying the main restrooms needs toilet paper so I finally ignore what she says and keep doing my inventory, then she finally asks me to come down to housekeeping and it turns out she was saying women’s restrooms and I felt more confused because I was never trained to do the ladies restrooms, only the mens so she finally had to get another room attendant to do it for me.


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05 May 2007, 1:57 pm

I do the same thing!
I think it might have to do with the planing part of our aspie brains. I think they call it executive functioning. I also have attention problems. I get so distracted that I go on auto pilot alot of the time. I also don't do well with changes in my routine. They make me VERY uncomfortable! So I think you are dealing with an aspie thing. But don't worry because I do the excact same thing.

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05 May 2007, 2:31 pm

I can entirely relate to everything you are describing. Especially the part about forgeting to do things that aren't part of your regular routine.

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12 May 2007, 1:04 am

Yeah, when ever my boss gives me a list of stuff to do I almost never finish it. Only when someone else has to do it with me is when I actually do it. But since I get so absorbed in my work, they think I am working really hard, thus I just happened to be to busy to do the other things. So they let it slide.