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16 Feb 2017, 12:16 pm

As I've said quite a few times before, I take customer service calls at Walmart. When I was hired, I was working noon to 9pm taking store support calls, but they offered me a morning shift (which I really wanted) in exchange for switching to the customer service line. Basically, I traded taking calls I did like at a time I didn't like, for taking calls I don't like at a time I do like.

I've been trying to get transferred to another part of the company for a few months now, and there's one job I've been watching really closely. It involves no phone calls, only emails, which is perfect. Only problem is that the shifts run from 3pm to midnight. That's even later than my original shift! I'm having a really hard time deciding what to do. Should I apply knowing that I'll absolutely hate doing this shift, even if I enjoy not having to take calls anymore? Or should I hold out and hope they offer a more reasonable shift?

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16 Feb 2017, 12:31 pm

It seems you need more training to do your present job as well as they would like. Acting lessons might be an accurate name for what you want. How practical is that? Emails are much easier for an Aspie to excel at.

Another factor us the likelihood of getting laid off. There are actually companies that rank their employees and let go of the bottom 10% each year. There are other places in which you basically get a job for life, as long as you don't screw up really badly.