Microsoft autism hiring (mainly but not just software engrs)

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Mona Pereth

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16 Sep 2019, 4:36 pm

I got the following in email (via Aspies for Social Success) today:

Microsoft Inclusive hiring

Tell us what you’re interested in!

In celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month we are hosting a webinar with Microsoft recruiters. We would love to tailor topics covered based on your feedback.

Please complete this short survey and share with others who may want to attend.

Inclusive hiring opportunities for candidates with disabilities

From the very first days of our company, Microsoft has sought to enable individuals and organizations around the world to do great things.

Ability Hiring Event:

We will be having our next Ability Event November 20th. It will be focused on Software Engineers. This is for full-time positions. Please apply by sending resumes to [email protected]

Autism Hiring Cohort:

We will be having our next Autism Hiring event October 21st – 24th focused on Software Engineers candidates. This is for full-time positions. Please apply by sending resumes to [email protected].

Not a Software Engineer or a University Student / Recent Grad? Please send us your resume to be considered for other opportunities as a part of our Inclusive hiring program efforts.

Other Material


Visit our inclusive hiring site, which is continuously being updated.

Learn more about our Autism Hiring Program from Jen Guadagno, our Sr. Employee Experiences Program Manager.

Stay connected With Microsoft Life on Twitter and Facebook.

Email us With questions at [email protected].

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03 Dec 2019, 8:15 pm

So, I sent them my CV a few months ago. No reply.