I told someone to quit their job yesterday..

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24 Feb 2021, 10:40 am

..and felt pretty good about it! :D

She's only like 18-19, working at Starbucks as a Barista.. probably earning approx $15/hr.. and I phoned to inform her that she's starting the job she Wants in 2 weeks with a significant raise in pay. 8)

She applied to my friend's company a few months ago and interviewed for a posting then. No one was hired at that time. She applied again when a different posting that I wrote went up and the people working there said they wanted her on their team, I talked with her on the phone & could tell she had an amazingly positive attitude and good phone manner (important for the job), tried to check references but couldn't get through on the phone.. but the CEO was chatting with someone in the industry & local car club scene who praised her, her brother, and parents for generally being well liked nice people and That was good enough for the owner to say he wanted her on board.

Just thought I'd share someone's good news. :P And also the little bit about references & qualifications for those seeking jobs: Sometimes it doesn't even matter if anyone can contact your references if You present yourself well And your reputation is so solid that people you've never worked for speak highly of your good nature. Also, this is the power of Networking - she was never involved in these local car clubs in order to try to get a job in the industry, she was there out of personal interest and is just the type of bright bubbly positive person that makes friends easily and people like her - and THAT counts more than years of experience or knowledge. (She Also has specific knowledge to this business Because of her interest in the cars, that's a bonus, but that stuff can be taught/trained - the most critical hiring requirement we have is that people be the right attitude fit for a growing Team to work together cooperatively.)

Far too often people overlook the soft skills qualitative things and believe that hiring criteria should be on credentials and quantitative past performance - especially people on the spectrum. Yes, performance matters.. but not at the expense of being nice & getting along with others, whether coworkers or customers. Employers would rather hire someone they and others LIKE being around who's 80% as effective & efficient as some superstar performer that's a total as*hole no one likes. People don't want to be miserable in their jobs, and business owners don't want existing talent Or talent they're trying to hire to be deterred from working at their company because of a problem attitude person.

There may be places were miserable nasty people can find suitable work, but they are few and far between. It's far better to simply be better and keep your options wide open vs. have most doors closed to you.

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24 Feb 2021, 11:23 am

goldfish21 wrote:
... There may be places were miserable nasty people can find suitable work, but they are few and far between.  It's far better to simply be better and keep your options wide open vs. have most doors closed to you.
Hey!  Just 'cuz I be nasty dont mean I be mizerbal too!


The people who hired me (and who have since retired) for this job reviewed my DD214 (military record), diplomas, and ASVAB score, and wanted me to start the next day (a Friday).  I started on the following Monday, and have been here since, through layoffs and confrontations with my (now-former) co-workers.

Between your experiences and mine, it can be safely said that both ability and personality are equally important.

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24 Feb 2021, 4:34 pm

And between having a bubbly personality and being a first-rate as* hole, there is a wide WIDE middle ground.

I think if I tried to fake bubbly, it would come across as fake, weird, too much, etc.

One thing I have tried to work on, just like a veteran athlete, how good is my B game? For example, can I have some solid innings even if I only have my B stuff on a particular day (to draw analogy from baseball).