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27 Feb 2024, 10:57 pm

(does not include annoying alberto, lot attendant TS, or lot attendant SU, b/c they are featured in their own posts.)

some coworkers had the nerve to mispronounce my name. some of them even went so far, as to tell me that they knew how to pronounce my name, and i did not. almost everyone working in that building comes from two racial groups. only a couple other slaves are chinese, even though there is a Chinatown about 3 miles away from the store. the way they mispronounce my name, is not "racist" per se, but kind of rude and calloused.

Customer Service/Millworks Associate Elio, had the nerve to smack me on the back a lot of times, in a "chummy" way, but he scared the s**t out of me. Asked him not to do it again. He did not.

Customer Service/Pro Cashier Associate CTT, had the nerve to flick me in the ear, and i screamed. CTT and another boy had the nerve to laugh out loud like it was the most hilarious thing in the solar system.

Hardware (?) Delfin, had the nerve to poke me in the back with spotter flags, and i screamed, and the lil dipshit had the nerve to double over laughing.

tool rental bill had the nerve to sneak up behind me and touch me and scared me. when i asked him not to do that, he was like "what's gonna happen? this is the breakroom". yes, this is the breakroom, but home depot applicants with felony convictions, psychiatric diagnoses, short tempers, gang affiliations, drug addictions, weapons, and et cetera. besides, the breakroom door is unlocked and open and customers often invite themselves inside.

sometimes coworkers almost hit me with cars while i am trying to push carts.

almost all coworkers talk way too much and too loud. then those lil dipshits have the nerve to bark "huh" and "what" like they are the etiquette equivalent of "excuse me".

FES/CXM/ASM, DS, told a slave that she would give the slave a Homer Award if the slave gave her a "link". whatever the f**k that means. (corruption). One time, DS even phoned former Pro Supervisor SEB when SEB was on her day off. (working off the clock is not allowed.) One time, DS had the nerve to bark @ me, out of control, for failing to answer her call. And the call was just b/c she wanted me to push some carts in Receiving. (rolls eyes).

former lot lizard Adam, wasted a lot of time sleeping in the lockerroom and the litterbox. the mens litterbox only contains three litterboxes, and there are plenty of precious lil "people" in the building, so i don't think three litterboxes was enough.

some lot lizards, like 28 year old N.O., loitered around doing nothing.

lot lizard Willie had the nerve to laugh at me when i almost got hit by a car.

custmer service Mya had the nerve to snap @ me like i did something wrong, but all she said was "can you take the cart to Receiving?". she didn't even tell me i did anything wrong. that b***h just didn't like me.

cashier janice, 74, had the nerve to bark @ me "pull up your pants."

daniel (milwaukee) almost hit me with a car. he could've waited a couple seconds until i moved, or he could've parked a couple feet away, but the ret*d lil dipshit was too lazy and impatient and "holier than thou" and he scared the s**t out of me just insisting he had to park there. then the ass hole had the nerve to bark @ me, screaming from the other side of the lockerroom.

former head cashier marie t., had the nerve to tell me to do work *when i was on break*, even though that is not even legal. she was so f*****g uptight, and it didn't do her or anyone else any good. she made me feel so f*****g uptight.

head cashier MM had the nerve to tell former head cashier jim, that i "shouted" @ her. but she said "huh", so apparrently she didn't even hear what i said. besides, what's the definition of "shout", over fifty decibels? that's totally subjective.

head cashier MM had the nerve to tell jim that i wasn't pushing carts for 15 minutes before break.

ASM don had the nerve to bark @ me "where's the lock, (my name mispronounced)?". he didn't act like he believed me that nobody gave me the lock. then it turned out ASM dave left the lock on the ground. ASM dave didn't get a punishment. and i was afraid don would've written me up (for losing the lock), which i did not do.

asm dave, another time, unlocked the wrong barbeque and told me to remove the barbeque and give it to the customer and lock it back up. then the customer said it was the wrong bbq and i had to get dave. (how f*****g careless).

lot lizard joe had the nerve to bark @ me "let's not be lazy. nobody's gonna want it." and "you missed a couple", but i was working there longer than him.

asm antikia had the nerve to cross examine me "what are you doing in the training room?". she told me that she had told me before, that you are only allowed in the training room if someone scheduled you for training, but she never told me that. however, i could not "prove" she never said that.

tracie. asked me to purchase her some bananas, but i do not have a car, and she does. and my commute was longer than hers. besides, she could've gotten Instacart. tracie bothered me too much. she acted like she was being friendly, but it took way too much time and energy to come up with an answer for her.

(not an exhaustive list. it's been 3 years 3 months and counting).