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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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25 Nov 2007, 1:59 am

I am suffering from stress. Normally I tried to have days off at the weekend. But this week, I couldn't resist working. I didn't have weekend this week. Today is Sunday and I came to the workplace to do a very big-but-stupid job. I watched a movie for the afternoon and was going to work again at around 4. Tomorrow is Monday, I had to work all day. Tuesday I was going to be supervised and my colleagues asked me for help. I am totally stressed out. I want more money so I had to work hard to earn $. What should I worry about now?

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25 Nov 2007, 3:33 am

Take less hours I would say. If you get so burned out from work that you want to quit, or can't perform at the job properly, what good is that little extra money?