Dealing with boss who wont let me do my job enforcing rules

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26 May 2009, 8:36 am

How do I deal with a supervisor who wants me to let people into the golf course for free stopping my utopia?

So the golf course I work at is part of a public park. Since the park is free, a lot of people feel like golf should be free. But no you have to buy a special ticket.

So these 2 women r part of a party, and they claim they left their pass at home. I refuse to let them in. They complain to my supervisor that the course is closed. I say its not closed they have no ticket. So then he says to let them in, and anyone who has golf equipment in, as long as its not busy.

Him wanting to be a "nice guy" is creating chaos and anarchy and destroying freedom.

Can I use my position as Golf course entry guard to create a rational Utopian Kingdom of law by excluding bad folks?

Should I enforce the entrance check rules at the golf course strictly?

Ok, so its my job to make sure everyone on the golf course has a ticket. But I don't have much supervision.

I don't believe I owe anything to my bosses. So on that count I feel like no prob if I just dont do my job and get paid.

But I'm also a spiteful person. And I dont like arrogant richies taking advantage of me.

Its easy to be mean to the rich young punks who come in with their hot girlfriends, and want me to keep the course open just for them, even though they dont have a ticket.

But what about the nice old men or little old ladies? Thats the real fight.

Its about Freedom and Law. I've grown to despise humanity and its individualist pettyness. This is my chance to impose the rationality of freedom upon them.

The freedom of reason as opposed to the freedom of caprice.

What are your opinions?

How should I interact with them?

The boss NEVER checks up on me if I enforce the rules or not. Sometimes fellow coworkers do but they dont make a huge deal about it.

So really if I feel like it I could just let everyone on. But since I have grown spiteful of humanity, this is my chance to build a new UTOPIA, under my laws and rules. To create a new justice.

I have no problem being a jerk to young rich punks with hot girlfriends, and embarassing their manliness in front of her

But sometimes it just nice folk with a guest who want to let their friend in free,

But I do agree I should stop them.
NOT for my boss, but to create my new Utopian Kingdom of Law


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26 May 2009, 8:47 am

uh. . . your job is not the the ruler of the Utopian Kingdom of Law.
Your job is you take tickets at the Golf Course.

of course you owe your bosses something. You owe them your job and you keep your job by not being a control freak. Honestly, dude, chill. You are seriously jeopardizing your job by reading into it more than what it is.

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26 May 2009, 9:46 am

maybe just turn down everyone who doesnt have a ticket and let them take it up with the boss if they dont like it, if the boss decides they can go in just let them. he is responsible by telling you to let people in without a ticket you are just doing your job by following his orders.


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26 May 2009, 10:33 am

Unfortunately your boss has the last word, and it's in his job description to make exceptions. It sucks when you are put in a situation where you are supposed to enforce the rules and your boss doesn't back you up, but that's kind of how it goes in a lot of places, with a chain of command. Especially a customer service job.

What I do (I work in a fitness center and have the same issues) is I accomodate and educate. I let them in, and remember them as best I can, and let them know that next time if they don't have their cards you will not let them in, and don't. Then you can say to your boss that you told them you would make one exception but you were going to enforce the rule next time. To me, that's fair enough.

I would ask your boss to give you a clear guideline in these types of situations and go from there. But I agree with the above post. Don't let it bother you. To use one of my many motto's. "dont' think, just function"

Hang in there!


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26 May 2009, 12:19 pm


Let me guess, the socialists are taking over the golf course? WHAT'S THIS GOLF COURSE COMING TO?

Seriously, I think the worst that could happen is that some people will figure out that they don't have to pay for golf. They'll go in peacefully, have a good game and then leave the same way. No one will even die for this revolution. If funding for the course comes up short, then things will change. After all, that's the most powerful tool there is for making change. And you won't be responsible because you're not the one who decided to let them in. You know, listening to your supervisor is part of the job.

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27 May 2009, 5:37 am

WurdBendur wrote:
They'll go in peacefully, have a good game and then leave the same way

Except if they'll get hit by a golf ball if they don't hear the "Fore!" shout or understand it. :D


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27 May 2009, 6:29 am

Sadly, your job is whatever your boss says it is....which can be subject to change.

In bad jobs, it's not uncommon for someone to document incidents so if the "blame game" gets played later, they can document who, what, where, when, why and how for each incident (never trust your memory for this).

You job is to enforce "the rules" which are spelled out in black and white with no confusion. You also have to do what your boss/supervisor says you are to do. If the boss tells you to ignore a rule you are expected to enforce, keep a record or diary of this. Should later someone try to say what you did was wrong, you can document the fact that you were ordered to do least you won't go down alone if the supervisor won't admit that he told you to not enforce the rules.