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14 Jan 2022, 12:59 pm

I think that many people on the spectrum suffer much longer after a break up of a relationship due to late onset separation anxiety in their brain development. Many AS children show no discomfort being passed around for social affection and doting as babies and tots. Due to developmental delay, the discomfort shows up later in life but toward the wrong recipients. I mean no offense to anyone - it's just something I think. Wrong stage of development at the wrong time with the wrong people. Instead of a 1 year old screaming and pleading for mom or dad, it's a 21 year old screaming and pleading for their current girlfriend or boyfriend. All this is superimposed by personality, appearance and opportunity. At one time, it was called "loss of suitor syndrome". Some people call it emotional immaturity but that's like shaming a person for something that's not their fault.