Personal Responsibility and Competition InThisTogether

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31 Oct 2016, 9:58 am


I was trawling through some of my old posts and I remember having this discussion with InThisTogether. Part of InThisTogether's response to me was that life has its winners and losers. In addition, I have also heard that life is a competition.

Granted, let's assume these things are axioms and are self evident. Let's assume the truthness to them.

Also, personal responsibility is accepted as truth as well and our circumstances is accepted as our responsibility and we're accountable to them. In other words, our circumstances are our own fault no matter what the circumstances are. Which means, I control my destiny and I am the conductor of my own life. Now let's accept this as truth as well and it is axiomatic and self evident.

Life has its winners and losers, correct? If this is true then how is anyone responsible for their circumstances if some are predestined to win at some things and some are predestined to lose at some things? Ultimately, by this logic of life having winners and losers some are destined to lose meaning they remain chronically unemployed, they end up killing themselves, they end up in mental institutions, or go to prison.

How do we control our lives, our destines and our fates and how how are we truthfully the conductors of our own lives?

The idea of personal responsibility and competition are anathema to each other and are inconsistent to each other as well. This makes no sense whatsoever.