Help creating an app to help parents w/ children w/ autism!

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26 Nov 2015, 10:30 pm

Hey guys,
First time poster, long time lurker. I'm a computer science major working with a designer currently and I love building things. I've previously worked a lot in the accessibility space (including on a previous idea called Abilifind, which was to be a Yelp for persons with disabilities) and I like to build things to help people (especially those with disabilities, since I myself have epilepsy). My brother has an autism spectrum disorder, and I like building applications especially to help special needs. I'm currently working on building an app to help parents/caregivers track/monitor their child with autism, allowing them to record not only behavioral aspects (e.g. was there a meltdown today?) but also recreation/food (what did they do/eat/drink today?) to derive insights (could there be a relation?).

However since our target market is primarily for caregivers of autistic individuals, we are trying to conduct research as to what they are looking for, how current solutions underserve their needs, and more importantly how we can help. I've attached a short survey ( ... UVlhtY4CcB) about the topic. Taking the survey puts you in the running to both win a $35 debit Visa card, as well as get beta/alpha access to our application if you wish (email needs to be provided for both, but we promise never to spam you!). Thanks so much. Please let me know if anything in the survey comes off as incorrect or possibly worded poorly and we'll correct it post-haste.

Here's the survey link again: ... UVlhtY4CcB


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08 Dec 2015, 12:14 pm

I've seen piles of apps that do that already in the app store. What makes yours unique?