Advising on making the same mistakes, second time around!

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12 Feb 2009, 3:17 pm

This is more of a rant about my parents. The more my DS comes out of his shell, and is being tested, the more he is showing signs of being like I was as a child. My parents even say he's just like me in so many ways at the same age. The more I read here and research for my DS, the more I'm realizing that I may have AS also, and now I'm OK with that. But last night on the phone talking to my mom, she was trying to tell me that if the school wants to advance my DS, he was tested at 1 year higher than his age group of 4, that I shouldn't do it, that it's important to be "normal".

I'm saddened, angered and bothered by this thought process. It took me years to come to terms with the fact that I wasn't normal, even before I had kids, before I found this board, I knew I wasn't 'normal' and I always felt like a failure to my parents because I couldn't live up to thier standard of 'normal'. I always felt like they held me back, the schools were always wanting to advance me because I was so smart and they refused, by the time I was old enough to stand up for it, I no longer cared and was 'dumbed' down to my class level and school became really difficult for me, I know that sounds wierd.

The fact that they pushed this issue bothers me because it's like they don't accept thier grandson for his specialness, his uniquness, his intellegence. That it's something to hide. I LOVE him for who he is and I don't want to change him at all, I want him to accept himself and not feel pressured by us to be something he isn't just to be 'mainstreamed'.

I don't know how to tell them to let it go. I ignore it, especially now, it's easy, he's not in school yet, we are registering him now. But eventually it's going to come up and I don't want to deal with that fight, kwim.