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Sea Gull
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05 May 2021, 9:01 pm

Ninja Gaiden Sigma, the remaster of Ninja Gaiden Black. I heard Black was harder, but I never owned the original Xbox. Sigma was still plenty challenging, and I got stuck on the first boss fight for quite a long time, but I was a fair bit younger at the time. Really though, the game is just strict about learning good technique, and once you know what you're doing your good. Learn some combos, keep moving. And there's these orbs that come out of dead enemies that can help rapidly charge a very strong attack. So you clean up a couple guys, get in position and rapidly charge to instantly kill a bigger opponent. Stuff like that. It taught me so well I could probably pick it up again right now and still do ok, even though I haven't played it in years.


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21 Jun 2021, 5:17 pm

Aspiegaming wrote:
Evil? Let me tell you about evil? There is nothing more evil in games than greed. I never got into the Free2Play mobile gaming market or regular mobile gaming in general due to such oversaturation of Free2Play games. You get about three seconds of gameplay before some stupid stamina bar has to charge and you'll have to wait for forty-something hours for it charge back to full OR you can spend real world money in order to charge faster or spend even MORE money to have it ready immediately. This process rinses and repeats itself until your bank account is depleted. If you're not interested in paying, the damn thing becomes a waiting simulator.

I get more enjoyment out of walking simulators than this crap.

This time last year I started playing "Candy Crush Saga" out of sheer boredom. I deleted it from my computer 2 days later because I did not like what it was doing to my brain. Similar thing to what you describe: microtransactions for power-ups and extra lives, without which you get stuck waiting until you can start playing again. The levels were carefully arranged, too: it's always a run of very easy ones followed by an incredibly hard one.

You get suckered in by a string of cheap victories, which makes it harder to tolerate frustration on the tough level, so you cave in and pay. But I was too mean and too stubborn to pay, so I'd just check the screen over and over again for half an hour instead. After a while I decided this was a literally insane way to spend my time. The makers, King Games, use this trick for a lot of their games, profiting from turning humans into lobotomised lab rats.

In Capitalist West, game plays you.

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