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Sea Gull
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23 Jun 2010, 10:04 am

I wasted my teen years in the 80's playing the video game M.U.LE., when I should have been chasing the sexy teen girls I went to high school with. However, being an Aspie this game had immense appeal to me.

I would sometimes stay up almost all night playing the game on my old Atari 2600 computer. The computer had 64K. A single picture on a computer today could take up more space than 64K. The computer didn't come with a monitor even, I can still remember the special adapters we had to use to hook it up to the tv.

Electronic arts that made the game recently incorporated the theme song of M.U.L.E. in their new game Spore. Being an old guy in my late 30's, and (unfortunatly) being unemployed, I have been playing spore since it came out in 2008.

It takes about a week of playing time to get from the single cell organism, thru the animal and civilization stages to finally get to the space stage. That's where the real game begins. I've been playing the space stage for a year and a half and I'm still not bored with it, it still has surprises for me.

You can also make and share user created content, which is really fun!

I was wondering if their are any other 'old' aspies out there that shared my appreciation of M.U.L.E. from the 80's? (If you did, you've got to play spore- its like a advanced sequel).


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24 Jun 2010, 1:06 am

I played M.U.L.E. on the commador 64. The random events like meteor strikes mad e the game very interesting.

The thing I find interesting now is the kind of tragic story of it's creator.