dissidia is teaching me alot of stuff.

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19 Oct 2011, 1:09 am

like the emperor is a coward archer like no other. i fought him with tidus, a pure warrior type. it was the battle from hell, he kept using his spells to keep me at a distance the whole damn fight, for 20 to 30 minutes it was dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge, block, block, for tidus anyway. i play on rpg mode because i can't play on action mode to save my life, i have now forgotten the original controls.

not only does he spell spam like a monkey on crack, his flares made me nearly lose my nerve. the blue one mostly. he also was able to dodge everything i threw at him even at times he shouldn't be able to. i tried hitting him after he attacked while he attacked trying to get that 2 second window of opportunity, and he would dodge again and again.

this guy is going on my hate list, i don't know jack about him but i don't care he is an ass pain to fight in this game.

also in rpg mode laguna requires a very strict build, but i am learning ways to make the characters do what i want them to do more often. like giving them to many commands seems to overload their AI and make them stop dead in their tracks, great for getting them to stop climbing a wall i don't want them climbing. omi dash is the worst skill for rpg mode. and stuff like that.

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