Who else waiting for fallout Shelter on Android

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24 Jun 2015, 2:52 am

I can't wait for that to get out on android. I have been watching game play videos of it. I have been noticing on the iPhone and iPad the game gets laggy when there is alot going on. But on android there is multicore units. For example my tablet is a Dual-core 2Ghz and my phone being a generic BoostMobile phone has some horsepower in the CPU it is a Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A53


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24 Jun 2015, 2:08 pm

Actually iOS devices starting with iPhone 5 are mutlicore.

The iPhone 6 uses an  A8 dual core CPU running at 1.4GHz
The GPU is the newer quad core PowerVR.

iOS more optimized, requiring less power to run it.
Android normally is modified by the OEM, which requires more power to run the OS.

Either way the game won't run any better on Android, due to Bethesda being horrible at optimizing and debugging their games.

Never expect Bethesda's games to run smoothly ever!

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