Nintendo cracking down on Pokemon content on YouTube

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02 Nov 2023, 11:04 am ... 20material.

Anyone who has or is now uploading classic Pokemon games will face legal action from Nintendo. They've set up a new set of rules and it goes like this:
No more emulation.
No more Romhacks.
No more fanmade games.

That's predictable, but it goes even further.

No more circumvention software to bypass technical restrictions on the Switch, 3DS, DS, or Gameboy generations.
No more cracking
No more unauthorized accessing
No more unauthorized modifications
No more tools or services that enable cheating or any of the above - That means say goodbye to unlimited rare candies and master balls.
No more capture cards - to record on a 3DS you had to make some modifications to it.

No more Speedrunning
And finally: No more Nuzlockes - This is when you play the game as normal, but if your Pokemon faints in battle, you have to release it from your party for good.

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04 Nov 2023, 4:02 pm

Nintendo sucks

dear god, dear god, tinkle tinkle hoy.


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04 Nov 2023, 4:18 pm

My grandson is going to be so pissed. He gets into watching things like that.

I'm not sure why they'd do that. Ultimately, nintendo benefits from this stuff. These youtubers are keeping pokemon relevant and bringing new players into the game...not to mention bringing new life to their existing games. Further, they risk alienating/angering their fanbase. Seems a bad call, imho.

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04 Nov 2023, 4:26 pm

This sick bs is something coorperate stakeholders make, and this is why most popular series never stay popular, because they get f****d in the ass by the companies executives.

I hate this fing world.


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04 Nov 2023, 6:18 pm

I'm this is somewhere I'm glad Sega doesn't do what Nintendoes.

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14 Jan 2024, 8:24 pm

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