One thing George Rekers can say if he is desperate

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06 Jul 2010, 7:06 pm

I know that he is gay and lying, but since he is desperate, here is what I would have said if I was him:

He wanted a "boy" to "rent" in order to carry the laggage. He didn't know any sites, so he just tried to guess by putting these two words together, and came up with "". He tried it, WOW it worked: there is in fact that site! After being tired of making up other sites and finding out at they didn't exist, he went for it.

Now, in the terms of services they say what it is, and you have to click "agree" button. But we all know that terms of services are long and none of us have patience to read them; we just scroll down and click it (well thats what I always do anyway), so he probably did the same.

Then he came across all these graphic images. But he decided that these are simply a spam. A lot of sites get spammed, so he decided this site got spammed too.

Then when he clicked a particular "boy" he wants to rent, he found out that he is without a shirt. Well, he decided that he was just showing his muscles in order to tell you how much he can carry (after all, his assumption was that rentboy is for renting boys to carry stuff). So he hired him.

Now if the above excuse doesn't work, here is another one: it is a good way of keeping a prostitute from sinning by paying him/her for NOT having sex. After all he/she is looking for MONEY, not sex; sex is just a way of earninng that money. So if you give him/her the same amount of money and NOT have sex with him/her, that would save him/her from having to sin these few days.

And then we can always try a combination of the above: first he thought that rent boy is just for carrying luggage; but later when he realized it is about prostitutes he decided "wow, lord probably lead me to help out a prostitude to stay away from sin, lets do that". Or another version: perhaps he knew he was gay (because he talked about his boyfriends) before the trip, but he didn't know he was a prostitute. So he thought of a trip as an apportunity to cure him from his homosexuality but then, half way through the trip, he found out he is a prostitute, too.

So, perhaps the story goes like this: First of all, like I said, yes he met him through rentboy; but he didn't know it was a prostitute site he thought these were just spam images. Then, midway through the trip in some leisurely convrsation the rentboy mentions something about this being a prostitution site. And then Rekers is like "what"? And rent boy says "don't you remember all these explicit images?" And then Rekers goes like "I thought they were spam". And then AHA moment comes in: he FINALLY realizes why this site had so much uneditted spam. You see, he thought htey just had poor job keeping spammers away (and perhaps he was even going to write a complaint to them after comming back from the trip when he has more time), but now he FINALLY realized what was going on.

Finally, as far as letting the rent boy to touch him, may be he was doing the "touch therapy" (see this video ... re=related ). Yes they touched sexual organs. But he only did that as a means of "transition", just like a smoker has to have a "transition period". So, as they both admit, they did not have sex. But he figured that may be they should do some toucvhing so that the rent boy will not be looking forward for sex with new clients, since he would think he enjoys the touch; but meanwhile the touching will slowly decrease.

Of course, no straight man will ever enjoy another men touching him. But he didn't enjoy it either. He simply forced himself to suffer in his desperate attempts to save the other men; as Jesus said "bear your cross daily".

The only reason he didn't tell him that htis was his motivation because he was afraid that the rentboy, having no intentions to be cured, would not agree with the "treatment". And, even after the "treatment" was done, he still didn't want to tell this because he didn't want to hurt his feelings. In fact he cared about his feelings so much that he was withholding this vital piece of information, which could have saved him from the scandal, this whole month. But finally he decided to come out and tell the REAL truth: he never enjoyed the touch and only endured it for the purposes of the treatment of that young man.

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06 Jul 2010, 8:42 pm

Or he can just 'fess up that he likes teh gay secks.

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