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18 Nov 2010, 9:14 am

In a recent post I used the technical term mystery, which one of the Freifronen scoffingly dismissed as a "kneejerk" retreat to illogic / unreason / Unsinn typical of the theist.

Not a bit of it, kids. "Mystery" is the technical term im spiritual discussion for a phenomenon which is well known to every scientist [of whom I am one" and which is essential to science.

In every area of human perception, at all times, there is a set of propositions which we are convinced are true, or which we suspect might be true, or on whose truth it is interesting to speculate, which can only be assumed or intuited, which have not been, cannot be proven ... YET. THAT is what one field of inquiry compactly calls "mystery".

Some such propositions may at some point be proven false. Some may be proven valid, revealing the next target. Some [where did I put my Theory of Everything?] may remain Mystery to generations of inquirers, may perhaps never be proven.

But imagine, Mister Interlocutor, where we would be if the past two millennia of scientists - ignoring what came before - ONLY regarded that which was ALREADY proven?

Of course, the lamentable ever increasing compartmentalization of the sciences and their terminological inbreeding blocked the brother from understanding the reference to a phenomenon familiar to every reasonable reasoner.