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23 Jan 2007, 10:54 am

I describe intelligent behaviors as in:

Curiousity, Self-awareness, aware of the world, aware of technicalities such as simple sceintific variables, a seeker of the fundemental forces of mothernature ; deficits here are in reflexive behavior.

Then there are reflexive and creative "forms of intelligence". Then people and things are not much of a problem. Life can be as simple as breathing as to be like that(unless that can be influenced easily). One person specializes in this area and the other is "obsessed" with the other stuff. Then everyone has a task but they may be happy with it.

But what could describe the result of forms of intelligence in reality? in a metaphor or something like that. So, anyway, I know that people form beleifs and stuff based on human activities (people judge "the world" or "the nt's" which is based on past / current affairs. I am not wanting to say whats right and wrong about that) - that we have some kind of sense of god. What would that mean? We mankind have politcal ideals. We creatures would like to be comfortable but with technology or what? You can make references to religion, a book, or a movie(s), a video game, or anything to help explain. You may prefer a dystopian anarchy full of weird people and robots and robots commiting crimes and cults broken up into different sects of beleifs etc..

A heirachy can make a net of things that govern life as we know it: technology, economy, government, our biology, componants of the mind, politics, control of behaviors, philosophy, power, elitism, and so on... what does this god give that we seek? What is possible? But I'm a seeker of the mystery of the mind and I'm a seeker of the mystery of life and the universe. So I push anything foriegn to it to off the other way.