Does this stuff on philosophy resonate with anyone?

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15 May 2015, 7:32 pm

I swear :roll:, I remember throughout my teens my obsession with trying to understand what existentialism is..nowadays I don't care much for it and see it a bit more as an "attitude" also.

If I'd like to see more appealing "philosophies of becoming" imo that'd be more covered by various "Eastern" philosophies which have a track record of venturing into takes on what non-being and being is for centuries more in contrast to how Western philosophy didn't really get into that until arguably either Kierkegaard or Nietzche depending on who think kicked it off. Also if it's about perception I'd rather go to Husserl who orginated phenomology and who note,while an influence on thinkers like Sartre and Heidegger was a mathematician by training.

Absurdism now interests me though.

However this comic gets to me and reminds me of how I can in my personal writings at time :)

Maybe I'm into phenomenology b/c..



potentially ableist remark aside 8-) does this resonate with anyone else as well?