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14 Mar 2007, 12:51 pm

I once applied for a job, thar an old good school friend said was a Desktop Publishing Job (He even had a Business Card -> without a Company Name :? )

Anyway, he told me to meet him in the city where the job interview was, at 8pm.

I arrived at this fancy Hotel.. and parked the car (paying fo parking) and walked up to the foyer.
Where I was greated by him at the Bar... thier I shouted him a drink. (Which I had to drink, cause as usual I didn't ask what the other person drinks)

I was hearded upstairs via an elevator, and when the doors opened I was greated to a function room, full of people.... at the Font Desk (the fold out table) were pamphlets and such, but my friend told me not to worry about that, I don't have to pay, I'm with him (Now I am starting to get worried)

Anyway, long story short -> it was an Amway meeting ... I sat thier for an a hour ... it took a while to sink in, I finally clicked when a presenter was going on about how he owns an Fighter Jet :!:

Well after the meeting was finished, we all stood up, and then this other guy quickly came over to me and professed to intorduce himself... then GREG(fake ame) told me about his 'mentor' (Bill) who's hand I was shaking.... I don't know how, but they got my home address out of me, before I finally escaped.

A week later Both my friend and Bill turn up to my house (Nice and Late on a Uni Night) at about 7pm.
I provided coffee, biscuits, my mum started making nibblies in the kitchen, while Bill poped open his brief case. You can imagin what happened next, mius the projector with the swirling spiral, they were performing thier voodoo on me.

After an hour, I started to get my word in... In time I started performing, MY Voodoo on the Pair... in another hour I had Greg converted into normallcy, and by 11pm the 35year old try hard salesman's face was starting to look dismal... by midnight he was out the door.... I don't think they pedal anymore more Pyramids Ever since....

So the motto of the story.... If you truly feel that you can help... Perceiver.

Chickens have feathers, Like eggs have shells...being tickled can hurt.

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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22 Mar 2007, 10:20 pm

The best way to convert a pyramid scammer is to get him into CIRCLES because what goes around comes around!


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23 Mar 2007, 5:33 am

Pyramid scams are awesome, as long as no one calls them on it.