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03 Aug 2016, 6:00 pm

I think someone said there was a shortage of Religion posts in PPR, so....

"So Many Australians Are Claiming 'Jedi' as Their Religion That It's Becoming a Problem"

"A battle over government, religion, and Star Wars is brewing in Australia. The country will hold their national census on August 9 and a group of people is begging their fellow citizens to not put “Jedi” down as their religion."

"Here’s the problem: On the 2011 census (it takes places every five years) 64,390 Australians put “Jedi” down as their religion, an increase of from 58,053 on the 2006 census, according to The Brisbane Times. Numbers like that put “Jedi” right behind Sikh on the list of religions in the country. It seems unlikely that all these people truly believe themselves to be actual Jedi, and most of them make the claim as a harmless way to declare their Star Wars fandom and give the government the middle finger at the same time." ... 1784653831

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03 Aug 2016, 8:32 pm

This makes me happy

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03 Aug 2016, 8:49 pm

It's a problem since some atheist group think they're being underrepresented which is rather presumptuous about Jedi brethren and sistren I think . I don't understand why these censuses collect this information to begin with/