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03 Aug 2016, 2:13 pm

Hello you all

I've been on this forum for about 3-4 months, in PPR section. There have been some discussions going on about religion, don't see that any more lately. There's much more about politics these days.
A while ago there was the "Poll do you believe in God?", went on for quite a while, 94 pages of opinions, beliefs, ressentment, etcetera, discussions between ASPE, Deltaville, Drlaugh, NoahYates.
OK, I thought, this is cool.
Religion - it is not politics, it's not whether you like Trump or not.
Religion - it is not the thing you use against sunburn, when you're at the beach
Religion - it is not the thing you give your girlfriend for her birthday
Religion - you don't buy it at the Mac when you're hungry,
but who doesn't need it? some sort of meaning or life?

But then there's a problem with traditional religion
Because traditional religion does not really explain what is it's position towards the findings of modern science, I'm not so much into traditional religion therefore.
As an Asp myself, I hoped to find some "out of the box" thinking on this website, but did not find none of that. All traditional opinions seems to be present here: ASPE is a traditional atheist, Deltaville a traditional catholic, though they're more intelligent than others they present traditional worldviews, Drlaugh is nontraditional must say, NoahYates too, but perhaps they were too conservative to get some appreciation from the others.

So even as as an ASP, blind in the middle of normal society, I felt blind even at this site.
Awch, that hurt.
Therefore I have been busy writing an alternative orthodoxy, some out of the box thinking for people who like it.
For a very low price- for free, since there's internet. See:

Reason to start this topic: is there anyone who wants to have a shot at an alternative religion. Join me, help me, because I cannot do it alone.
If not, I have to quite on the whole project.

I'd guess that ASP'es are the people who are free people, feel free, for such a thing, if any. If not.
Ow, my God, this thread is a guess.


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03 Aug 2016, 2:15 pm Aspies are the blind leading the blind......but at least we're heading somewhere even amid the blindness.