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02 Feb 2017, 3:38 pm

There was a man named George. George was born to 2 very happy parents, and things seemed perfect, except that in his head one of the veins was cut off to the part of the brain that shows emotional expression. George still experienced emotions, but others would not see them. His parents noticed that he never cried or showed any emotion and thought him odd. But George was actually a happy good boy deep down inside where you cannot see it. Unfortunately, for George, even the animals and plants would not let you see it. When he went to the zoo, the animals fled from him. When he held a flower in his hand, it withered in that moment. His parents, very religious, wondered whether they were raising a boy who was destined to grow up to be the Antichrist, so they watched him warily.

One day, in class in elementary school, George wanted to show his classmates an animation he had made on the computer. He thought it would be a good way to bond with them, as he had a hard time with that due to not showing emotions. He went to a video site where he had uploaded it, but before the video could start, the computer's wiring shorted, and caught fire, which spread rapidly through the school. (The region was in a severe drought.) George and some of his classmates made it out alive, but dozens were killed in the fire. George felt really bad about the whole situation and mourned his schoolmates, but could not show his emotions, so his surviving classmates thought him cold, selfish, and uncaring.

George grew up. One day, his father had a heart attack, and he drove with his mother in the car to try to save him. Unfortunately for George, he lost control of the car (there had been some recent freezing rain making the roads slippery) and it careened onto the opposite side of the road. George survived unhurt, and his mother was injured but survived; however, 5 people died there, and his father didn't make it. George's mother knew there was something wrong with him, something wicked, and told him off. She tried to get George investigated by the police, and they suspected George, but they could not find any evidence of wrongdoing. She cut George off and married a police officer as a second husband.

George was hurt and alone, and mourning his father, but with no way to express it. George prayed to God for solutions, attended church, and asked God for salvation. He tried to make up with his mother, but she was thoroughly creeped out by him. He was angry and hurt, and for a moment he lost control and lashed out, attacking everybody in the room. George's stepfather was there, however, and pulled out his handgun and shot George twice and he toppled onto the floor. As George's blood began pool up around him and he started to fade, he asked, "Why?" George passed away.

George then woke up in excruciating pain, pain that was not just physical, but mental. He realized where he was and the worm within rose up and cursed God for his destiny, but then George remembered that he was wicked. He had killed dozens of his own schoolmates. He had killed his father and almost his mother, and 5 other people deliberately. And now in his final moments of life he lashed out and nearly killed his own mother again. What else should George expect? He was getting the eternal punishment he so richly deserved.

After George's mother had passed away and she emerged in a place of wonder and bliss, she looked down where George was and took heart that the wicked one was getting his just desserts, and she would go on to spend eternity in comfort.

The End

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