Hmmmm? My spare computer died!(computerless)

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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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11 Jun 2005, 6:11 pm

ghosthunter wrote:
my computer(spare one) has a final
death crash since it was connected to
your site crash. I am blaming no one, I am
just clarifying the situation, and when
it occured. I am right now at a internet
cafe and I don't see much correspondence
until I get a replaced harddrive, and that
will take a while. I am glad to have
corresponded with you folks and this
happened on my 1004 mark. Woo!-hoo!
:D and now a Bah-Hum-Bugg! :evil: :evil:
:evil: :evil:

:evil: :evil:

Nothing wrong on your end of the keyboard,
I am just informing you folks of my ghostly

At a internet cafe, or in extreme emergency
I use this Ghosthunter2 as "emergency alert
system" and thus don't endanger my prime
account. These PC's I have used LOVE
to remember passwords, thus I will not
have pirates of the PC seas invade my prime
account. Please keep a eye out if someone
other than Ghosthunter is using this account.
I will not endanger my prime account over a
stupid PC that adopts passwords.

I will miss you folks, and try to keep in contace
since I know have to pay for my internet
by the minute. Hmmmmmmm! :evil: :evil:

I love you all at wrongplanet, and as friends
I will miss you. I repeat! The PC's I have
used in the past like to remember passwords
and if SOMEONE other than Ghosthunter is
using this "emergency ghosthunter broadcast
system" account, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!
(Ghosthunter that is).......Until a later emergency
broadcast system Ghosthunter connection,

I will miss you folks,and until my harddrive
gets replaced, I will have to periodically
use the "emergency broadcast system"

Hmmmmm? This harddrive thing happened
after your latest website crash. The letters
got "BIG" then "small" then the site became
translucent, and returned to norma. The cycle
then repeated itself, my computer crashed,
and WILL NOT RECIEVE A 0S X.1 or 9.1, let
alone stay properly formated. I would have
a short installation time and "puFF" Lose all
formating. This is what is happening to my
Harddrive. This never happened before until
this site crashed. Anyone else get any problems?

This concludes the "emergency ghostly
broadcast system" and I hope to find out
if it was just me being putout by the site
crash and harddrive issue? Hmmmmm?

I love you folks and will have to brave my
silent world without you for a while.


P.S...PC's remember passwords, if imposters
try to use this "E-Gh-Br-sys", remember
there can only be one G.H and all imposters
will be shot :P


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11 Jun 2005, 6:15 pm

I don't think anyone could impersonate your style, GH. Good luck with the hard drive.


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11 Jun 2005, 7:16 pm

Damm* Ghosthunter!!

You will be greatly missed to you know.

I am not tech savvy so I can not answer your questions relating to site crash. I hope soon you have reliabe computer of own again and am sorry for death of your hard-drive.

I don't think worry to much about yor name because this not really happen much, and you are unique and amazing in a way whcih not be easily copied! :)

So long and thanks for all the fish
<`)))>< <`)))>< <`)))>< <`)))>< <`)))>< <`)))><

Hopw we see you soon!!


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11 Jun 2005, 7:19 pm

the crashed hard drive - is it for a laptop or desktop computer?

I have a spare sitting around, for a desktop computer, a Maxtor D740X-6L 75-gig 3.5" harddrive.


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12 Jun 2005, 4:09 am

I don't think anyone else could successfully pretend to be you GH.... hope you get your hard disk sorted out soon matey. :?

I'm usually smarter than this. <<my thingy



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12 Jun 2005, 5:24 am

Thankyou guys. I borrowed a temporary
4gig and it is 3am and I am catching up
on my posts.

I am glad you guys responded. Thankyou
very much. I missed being here on

Your friend,


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13 Jun 2005, 2:44 pm

yeah. . . . .I was worried that something might have happened to you for a while.

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