Christopher Hitchens: Brutal Four Minutes For Religion

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06 Mar 2018, 8:23 am

For some light hearted entertainment...

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06 Mar 2018, 12:55 pm

Just back for a short return here. I've been listening to a few Christopher Hitchens' YouTube
Videos too as at least he is capable of Humor and not quite as 'Dour' as the 'English'
'Gentleman' Dawkins as such. I must say, I agree with all he is saying about the
Ignorance of Religious Ideology as far as 'Rationality' Goes for the Religious
Traditions developed in Abrahamic Ways of Desert/Stone Scarcity away
From the Greener Meadows of the Nomad Path out of Desert/Stone
to what is now India and China and Eventually the Bering
Straits and North America and Creeks Teeming with
Fresh Water Fish in Warm Climates of Green
And Even Paradise of Sugar White
Beach with Shell Fish and
Emerald Green Gulf
for the Paradise
Real of Nature
I currently Inhabit as such; thanks to my more
open minded Nomad Ancestors not afraid to move,
And get out of the 'Cave'. The truth is, Human Beings as inherent propensity
when 'normally' 'healthy' bond together still more under common traditions
now and with languages of belief for greater cooperation and even a Dance
and Sing together as Thrive after the fight and flight to capture prey and escape
predator; And Forage for tasty Berries and other Plant life that is edible as delight.
Religion is what Binds and for some it can be Heavy Lifting in Bringing a Little more Truth
and Light to the Traditions at hand under Veils of Ignorance more. Have we really changed; Have
we really improved as a Species inherent of Group think now verses then; well, yes, and no for true
Religious Rules like the ignorance of not understanding that Abortion is gonna Happen like it does in
Catholic Mexico where it is illegal in non-safe Medical Procedures in Back Alley coat-Hanger ways as the
reality in the United States, before greater 'First World' Procedures for greater overall greater Human Health came to be.
And for the reality that Homosexuality still is a Natural occurrence when species incur environmental stress and hormonal
influences in the womb and other innate and environmental factors come into play as Nature over old Books away from
Love in the Old Testament, still. Fact is, in London there is a Muslim Mayor as tradition continues to vote together no
matter what Tradition is that becomes as the Voting Majority votes on to Rule as Political rules will be now same as
any Country that is a Democracy where Majority Rules. Fact is, as self-evident now across the Globe, the Binds
that are Tradition and Religion no matter what they are come to rule the rest of Countries now. If it's not
Malignant ways of Christianity that will rule our world next; it will be other Rulers elected who
Attribute Traditions that other Binds Bring to and as Group Think, whether they are officially
Named so-called 'Religion with Mythical Gods' or not. Bottom Lines as long
as Humans are Classically Evolved as they are now; the necessity
for Tradition and a Group think of Cooperation that Votes
Binding together over Common Cultural/Religious Customs
will be the continuing winners, next
As Apes stronger together no matter
what they bind over next in Human Form too.
In other Words; go ahead and get rid of the Current
Religions if one can and will as that will take Centuries more and
whatever Religions with 'Gods' or not that folks bind over as Tradition
Will Rule the Rules of Democracy next. True, we get the Government we vote for;
And the Majority Rules, no matter what religion comes next. Communism Doesn't work
as that is self evident in Large Heterogenous Populations, already. It's true, we need more thinkers
like Jordan Peterson and Jonathan Haidt who are willing to think out of either box of red pill or blue alone
And come up with Green Pill Solutions that really work more for Peace and Harmony of getting along together real.
Meanwhile; disregard the Force of Tradition and Religion and come under rule of whatever religion stays or comes next.
Sure; it's funny and tragic and in many ways disGraceful too out of Peace and Harmony and Potential Loving Human
Beings Harming other Human Beings less now than potential before; but only if a Better Tradition and Form of
Religion comes to be more in alignment with a Golden Rule with Cognitive Empathy for the differences of
others comes next. If that's gonna come; it dam sure ain't gonna come with the 'gray hairs' now.
Freedom of Expression is always the way to a new way of doing life that works better than before.
We do Have Freedom of Expression.
I for one use it to the Maximum of my Ability;
Coming to understand both sides of a Human Story
as progress for the change i for one aim to be. As always
it starts with one and two and many more. And sure, it must
come these days in Twitter terms of no more than one or two lines
for the Science assessed Attention span of less that Gold Fish Human Attention now.
In other words, as long as no one is paying much mind to the significance that Current
Traditions that Religions make now to rule the World we live in; 'they' will continue to vote
Together in spirit of Winning the next race to rule the others of us who aren't holding hands to do more different.
But true, it is that all naturally more open-minded folks are not as likely to come together in tradition like this
for they by very Nature are the rule breakers of Tradition and not the rule makers who sit down in Church
together and
make the
voting selection
by means of large numbers together
again as Tradition of Group think that wins.
It's simple math; two is more than one as that goes when two or
more come together in traditions that bind a vote of rules all that come
to be now to rule the 'others'
And that's religion
by very
of Definition
with or without so named
'Gods' but it's True as long as
Human Beings are Humans there is
no escaping at least a Pantheistic God of Nature;
whether one calls it Nature or the Ground one stands uPon ToGeTHeR allone or lone.

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