The Next «Dooms-Day» Prophecy Incoming...! FAMINE

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30 Sep 2018, 9:32 am

Note: The term «dooms day» (or is it doom's day ?) is kind of a mis-nomer.

Anyway, yes, the «mass-suffering» may make a lot of people feel like it is indeed a «doom»'s day;
how-ever, with enough «awareness» of the impending storm (metaphorical) approaching, all can prepare.

What is this dooms-day which I speak of ? FAMINE. Or, more specifically, food-shortages.

Signs: Ridiculous food-prices. I lived under a rock for a year or two (metaphorically).
When I bothered to go back and «visit» so-called «civilisation» I saw how food-prices more-than-doubled.
HOW do food-prices MORE than DOUBLE in less than a year or two unless something problematic approaches ?

Contributing Factors: Significant reduction of the world's bee-populations. If the bee-population were to go extinct, plants and flowers would no longer be pollinated, and such a disruption to the eco-system is considered to be enough to completely eliminate the entire world's food-supplies.

Intentional beaching of whales and dolphins by U.S. Navy Sonar-Weaponry. A time existed when «whales beaching themselves» was the top «news» headline... each «news» organisation talking about how everyone was baffled by this phenomenon. Eventually, it was discovered that the U.S. Navy was doing testing on a new anti-torpedo sonar-weapons system, courtesy of the investigations of marine-biologists who did the autopsies.

Anyway, I know better than to claim that world-wide famine will definitely happen, although it has happened already across Venezuela (I used to live there by the way). The «prophets» of old (and/or those who were «quoting» them) mis-understood that their «visions» were simply «possibilities» that spanned the extremes. As a so-called modern-day prophet, I must set the record straight that so-called prophecies are simply «warnings» unto humanity, and that a «prophecy» is not «complete» unless it includes both the best-case-scenarios and the worst-case scenarios. The «direction» that humanity wishes to steer itself is then up to them to decide.

I personally consider it to be a bad sign for «prophets» to even be amongst us at all (if all of humanity were completely honest and benign, in other words «without sin» according to how it's defined in The Testament of Truth, then there would be NO «need» for «prophets» like myself). I am to date, the only «prophet» whom I know of who comprehends how all this so-called or perhaps mis-interpreted as «psychic» stuff works even at the so-called «scientific» level (even though I deem it to be more of a technological phenomenon).

Anyway... I expect based on «historic» precedents that some parts of the world will lean more towards the worst-case scenarios whilst «pockets» of individual other parts of the world will bother to «heed the warnings» in my so-called «prophecy» herein and be able to steer themselves more towards the best-case scenario.

Worst Case Scenario (Bad News) First: Just going to keep it simple. Complete and total famine. Lots of looting/rioting. Cause ? Lots of ignorance, greed, lack of caring for others, supporting legislation that punishes the poor, excessively funding and promoting and supporting of an Orwellian-style militarised police-state, and lack of preparation.

Best Case Scenario Saved For Last: Also kept simple. Pockets of populations able to survive the upcoming «economic» storms, and actually care for one another, able to live «happily» despite also living very simplistically. Cause ? Learning how to grow one's own food, preparation for self-sufficiency such as setting up hydroponics-systems, co-operating with their neighbours and local-community members, concerted efforts in educating their local-police to not go the way of the so-called Nazi-Germans, and the disarmament of patrol-officers from being a political police «force» instead into becoming a kind and caring unarmed peace-corps.

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