Occult Practices for the uninitiated, how to spot possible

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Yesterday, 8:04 pm

I thought I would start this thread to help people out there who do not have a background in any form of occultism,
spot occultism, and specifically where the occultism delves into the realms of criminal behaviour.

I believe that the F.B.I. did extensive research and have a knowledge base that does detail the various practices of some of the more common black occult practices, so that F.B.I. agents can accurately interpret the evidence and ascertain the true motivation for any occult related crime that occurs.

Now, if you are into occult practices, please do not misunderstand my post as an out and out attack on all things occult, as i believe if using the original meaning of the word occult, then this covers extensive religious beliefs and practices, which include a great deal that is benign or pios / good in nature. It is these which i am not so much worried about.

Personally, i am more interested in posting information about those in this world who practice black occultism which is motivated by materialistic sadism, and especially practices that are designed to target the innocent and vulnerable.

Now, I believe that there are a number of black occult practices which vary from region to region, country to county.
And even in one country, such as US for example. there is a wide range of black occultism that is practised by some.
(not by all).

For example, in the UK. I would say that a fair amount of the black occultist practices are old fashioned Satanism, mixed in with Wicca and perhaps some gypsy black occultism.

In other parts of the world, other practices may be more favoured, such the practice of JuJu Voodo etc.

Nonetheless, any information to the people of the forum that can help people identify, protect themselves (physically), and in the case of any crime being committed, prosecution. Personally, i don't think getting delusional sociopaths prosecuted for attempted murder is the same as "grassing up" someone, a term used by organised crime syndicates
for people who betray them.

Incidentally, the term snitch or grass comes originally from organised crime families, where one of their members had been arrested an placed incarceration. The organised crime family were then obligated to "make them whole" by looking after there member while in prison so as to make sure there family member does not betray them to the authorities in exchange for freedom, reduced sentence or other material rewards.