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18 Sep 2019, 7:31 pm

^^^^ I agree.

paralysis by over-analysis


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18 Sep 2019, 7:40 pm

there is even more upwards social mobility in those nations now, whereas the righties here used to crow that we were the land of opportunity for everybody, but that is clearly not the case these days. the only social mobility most average americans have now, is downward.


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19 Sep 2019, 9:57 am

Large Houses Reflect Large Mortgages; Huge Trucks in Trump Town USA (Metro Area of the Panhandle of Florida) Do the
Same as far as Car Loans almost as Big as the Mortgage I paid off on my Home Years ago in A 'Forest Bathing' BackYard Way of Natural Bliss; Nature doesn't get anymore Beautiful than my Backyard; why Leave Heaven for Staycation elsewhere... (true though, it's really Hot; and we will use some rain; chances Are Mother Nature will fix that
Issue with some Tropical Weather like Texas is experiencing with Close to 40 Inches of Rain from a Bit of
an Imelda Depression).

I Found a Home In Nature; Size of Home Matters Not; Nature's Breath is Beyond Infinity in Measure of Human Wealth
of Peace and Harmony. I pay no dues to People Forcing me to put Pesticide on my Yard; I view Dandelions in
Spring; Tall More Golden Colorful as they exercise all their Natural Wild Flower Weed Beauty for me to see.

What Poetry/Dance/Song is THere in Material Wealth; What Happiness is 'THeir' in Material Wealth; In General What Does
the 'God of Money/Wealth' Convey as Far as Wealth of Human Soul; Not much of anything; Not Much of Anything once
one Reaches the General Science Standard of $75,000 for A Family to meet Basic Subsistence Needs to Survive
With Food, Drink, And Shelter to accommodate Environmental Challenges Like Ice and Heat.

Meh; Dance, Song, And Art; Yes, Agape Love Bring me Heaven Within and to give and share for free
doing the Least Harm to Others and the Rest of Nature I Truly Worship All With Love and Name God+ too.

Meanwhile, You Cannot Eat Money; But it Will Eat Your Soul and Bring Down the Heaven of the Forest, Beach
And Leaves of Grass too. Wealth, in General, For What We See on the Outside Conveys a Certain Hell of Soul
that is Beyond all Measure of what Those Who Seek and Find Wealth in Our Naked Nature Within, Inside, Outside,
Above, So Below All Around Find All For Free; No Cost but all the Colors We Co-Create of Soul Breath Wind We Actually 'See More than 'Concrete'.

It may be Hard to Believe, 'Horatio and Ripley'; but if i could Give 'Trumps' Just one Teaspoon Drip of the Taste of my Soul;
'They' Likely would Strip off the excess of $75,000 and Give it all Away; 'Seeing' How Blind to the Colors of Heaven they've Always Been As Love Seeks to Give and Share so much more than Take and Hoard. In General, Agape Love Seeks to Color Souls For Free; Free Will that is real in terms of Autotelic Flow of Mastering the Regulation of Emotions and Integration of Our Senses; this is no Woo; Even Science in Limited Ways of Brain Scans Will Measure This Kingdom of Heaven Within, Now. Don't limit Your Research to just Concrete Stuff; there is research on what makes us tick up and down too.

After that With Enough Shelter And Subsistence; Life's A Breeze and Well Worth Being Born and Dying For too
with total acceptance of Just the way Love Breathes In and Out in a Dance And Song of Life that is Poetry
of Ever Changing and Evolving Colors Within to Feel and Sense so much more than Empty Shells of Concrete Words (Facts); true, though, I enjoy a bit of "Mental Masturbation" now and then too.... Rather Move, Connect and Co-Create though, to Feel Soul Eternally Now Ascending Transcending Where There is No Cost; A Naked Flow of Dance With Sand and Sun is Totally Free and Brings Heaven within in Autotelic Flow; once again 'Class', Even Evidenced as a Real Meditative Fountain of Youth Regenerating Gray Matter In Brains; Reversing the Practical Effects of Aging. Hehe; Wanna See me Leg Press 1340 American Pounds on YouTube at 90 Degrees, 12 Reps for 100 Seconds at age 59; True, The Moving Meditation does more than Regenerate Brains; and again, doesn't cost a Stitch of Cultural Clothing as the Wealth Lives Within; Conveying the Empirical Results of a Real Fountain of Youth too From Top to Bottom of Our Humanity in Flesh and Blood Real.

Oh; the Poverty OF 'Trumps'; So Far from Human Potential Set Free out of Green Bills to 'Leaves of Grass' Free.

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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