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02 Aug 2020, 11:48 am

Just wondering what books y'all have your noses buried in. I'm currently skimming "Versace's Medusa" about the short, unhappy life of serial killer Andrew Cunanan.

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02 Aug 2020, 12:01 pm

Nothing,the library is closed and I don't have kindle,I most recently finished a book on the history of Kosovo,but that was back in late march.

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02 Aug 2020, 2:42 pm

I think this would be better filed under the writing/literature forum?

That said, I've been working my way through a collection of Lovecraft short stories. And for non-fiction I'm reading The Sea and Civilization.

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02 Aug 2020, 3:15 pm

I'm currently reading Death in Venice by Thomas Mann. And, yeah, this thread should really be in the Art, Writing and Music sub-forum.


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03 Aug 2020, 1:14 am

Just Finished Reading "Being Peace" By Thich Nhat Hanh;
My Library is Barnes And Noble; Never Spend a Dime but
Do Offer Free 'Tai Chi-Like-Dance' iN Free Entertainment
For the Star Bucks Crowd Glued to Their Tables and Screens
While i Finish A Book A Week For Free While Listening to
Meditative Music in What is Really An Effortless Super
Flowing, Complex Peak Plateauing Activity; Lighting my
Mind and Body Up From Head to Toe; And Keeping
my Weight Down Below 250 Pounds, During
This Pandemic, Where
on Average, Folks
Have Gained 15 Pounds;
Which is indeed, actually
More Dangerous as Far as Potentially
Dying From the Disease as Yes, Obesity
Does Indeed Make Folks More Vulnerable
As Science Shows; Sadly, We Live in a World
Where 'We', Overall, Rather Not Hurt Anyone's Feelings
By Bringing Truth iN Light that otherwise might Save Their Life;
Really, No Different than Church today; Where they Now Require
Masks at One Service on Saturday Afternoon; but only Encourage
them at the Other Services, not to inconvenience Or Hurt
Anyone's Feelings, Who Doesn't wanna wear a Mask to
Save a Potential Life as of course, if they get
'Butthurt' and stop coming over having
to wear a Mask, the Money Baskets
Get even Lighter for Offerings
of Bucks; and of course
That is more important
Than Saving A Life; but of course
The Book that Relates some of the
Tenants of Buddhism, i Read Today; Does not Look
At Love That Way Worshipping Life more than Death.

It All Fits Together...

Takes me Less than an Hour To Finish A Book
As All of the Activities Bring Greater Laser Focus
in Dance And Reading and Listening to Meditative Music;
Also, Gives me the Focus to Write an Epic Longest Long Form
Poem Continuing Now on Average of 100,000 Words A Month
For 8.3 Million Words in 83 Months Now; as the Public Dance
Has Moved up to 13,488 Miles Today in the Same 83 Months;
It's Safe to Say i do read Close to a Million Words each Week;
but on the other hand that's My 'Autistic Super Power' Reading
About 20 times Faster than the Average Human Being and as
A Life-Long Pianist, Also Typing around 130 Words a
Minute When Laser Focused; while it might seem
like i spend Lots of Minutes here; actually,
it's pretty Much Just a tiny part of A Whole
Hurricane of Creativity, Cat 6 or so, continuing to Spiral More..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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03 Aug 2020, 2:35 am

that Baudelino sits in front of me, idk, i can't get into that, where did it read? or did imagine it was a tale from an old narcissist ?

[[[Alors que l’Empereur Frédéric Barberousse tente de mater la rébellion des villes italiennes, il découvre Baudolino, un jeune paysan hâbleur et menteur dont l’audace et le tempérament le séduisent. Il décide d’en faire son fils adoptif. Quelques années plus tard, Baudolino est envoyé à Paris afin d’étudier à l’université. Il y fait la rencontre de la plupart des personnages qui l’accompagneront ensuite dans sa quête censée le conduire au royaume du Prêtre Jean, aux confins de l’Orient.
Baudolino est un récit foisonnant, constitué de quarante épisodes, dont le personnage éponyme est à la fois le héros et le narrateur. Au terme de ce roman singulier, mêlant habilement la vérité et le mensonge, la fiction et la réalité, le mythe et l’histoire, Eco nous livre une leçon de tolérance. Elle résonne comme un avertissement contre tous les fanatismes : « Ne te crois pas l’unique auteur d’histoires en ce monde. Tôt ou tard, quelqu’un, plus menteur que Baudolino, la racontera ».]]]

fyi-(gt) As Emperor Frederick Barbarossa tries to put down the rebellion in Italian towns, he discovers Baudolino, a bragging and lying young peasant whose daring and temperament seduce him. He decides to make him his adopted son. A few years later, Baudolino was sent to Paris to study at university. There he meets most of the characters who will then accompany him in his quest that is supposed to lead him to the kingdom of Priest John, on the edge of the East.
Baudolino is an abundant story, made up of forty episodes, in which the eponymous character is both the hero and the narrator. At the end of this singular novel, skilfully combining truth and lies, fiction and reality, myth and history, Eco delivers a lesson in tolerance. It sounds like a warning against all fanaticism: "Don't think of yourself as the only storyteller in this world. Sooner or later someone, more of a liar than Baudolino, will tell it

surrounding the matter :nerdy: :nerdy:
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03 Aug 2020, 6:53 am

Wolfgang Palaver's 'René Girard's Mimetic Theory (Studies in Violence, Mimesis & Culture)'

Just finished the audio book for Donald Hoffman's 'The Case Against Reality' and I have a couple of Jacques Vallee's order books queued up on Kindle.

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03 Aug 2020, 9:07 am

Hoaxed by Mike Cernovich


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03 Aug 2020, 9:20 am


Hospital Station: A 1962 science-fiction book by author James White.  It is the first volume in the Sector General series.  The book collects together a series of five short stories previously published in New Worlds magazine between 1957 and 1960:

• "Medic": During the construction of Sector 12 General Hospital, construction worker O'Mara is suspected of negligently causing the death of two alien workers.  Pending an investigation he is restricted to quarters and given the aliens' child to care for.

• "Sector General": The first story of the main series' narrative.  Doctor Conway has spent two months on the station and is about to be confronted with several emergencies as well as his first educator tape.

• "Trouble with Emily": Conway is ordered to assist with a project involving a large dinosaur-like alien, dubbed Emily for its supposed resemblance to Brontosaurus.

• "Visitor at Large": A SRTT shape-changing alien runs amok in the hospital.  Conway and a newly-arrived Prilicla are enlisted to capture it.

• "Out-Patient": Following the recovery of a badly injured alien from a wrecked ship, Conway must pursue a radical treatment.

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nor any ultimate evaluation of human nature beyond that which we project onto others,
individuals should be judged or defined only by their actions and choices,
and not by what we only imagine their intentions and motivations to be.