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10 Sep 2020, 1:14 am

The current ugliness of USA political debate and lack of standards has crept into every aspect of USA culture, it seems, including any kind of forum or social discourse. That includes even support forums, which saddens me.

We moderators deal with member's complaints as best we can, though I personally would not care if there was no PPR here now, given its increasing descent into partisan accusations, what aboutism, the increasing hostility of the tone of political comment throughout the US.


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10 Sep 2020, 8:20 am

@B19: Could this website survive for long if The Rules prohibited any discussion or imagery of politics, religion, and/or sex/gender-related topics?

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10 Sep 2020, 2:47 pm

judging by the success of Autism Forums, perhaps, that is where they keep a relatively tight lid on such.


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10 Sep 2020, 4:21 pm

With The Additional Revelation in Bob Woodward's Book That
Trump Knew the Depth of the Danger of "Covid-19"; And the
Potential 'Killing Field' To Come that We Are Surely Witnessing
Now as Trump Is Willing to Sacrifice Actual American Lives This way
by Intentionally Down-Playing the Reality of a Killing Field to Come to Make
'His' Economy And Stock Market Look Good; Over the Value of Innocent American Lives Dead...

True; This Election is not any "Normal' Election;

Indeed, This Election is About Life
or Death of Living Americans to
Come Without the Leadership
Required to Save their Lives on
This Soil Living in Our Country Now;

It's Not a Myth; It's Not JUST Opinion; It is the
Science of the Pandemic And Numbers NOW that
Do Not Lie; Specifically, over 191,000 Dead Folks
When Trump Admitted From the Very Beginning that
This Disease Was a Deadly Killer that he Downplayed
to Make Himself Look Better on Election Day; The Bad
Good News


It's Not Working Now;
It's Not Working For Him;
No; It's Not Working for the
Long Term Health of the Economy;
And it's Not working for all the Dead;
Where Presidential Leadership in Support
of those Lives and the Science Behind the Pandemic
to Mitigate the Extent of Those Deaths Was Dead in Actions of President Trump;

There are so many Other Real Reasons to Vote; But Killing Fields are not over with by Far;

If someone
With Zero
of Empathy
For Anyone
But Himself;
Is Elected Again;
No Matter Who that Person May Be;

'Trump' Has Got to Go; to Save American Lives...

There is No Higher Purpose than that but Perhaps

Loyalty, Truth, And Service to All the Folks of this Country;

Indeed, the Same Purpose....

Where Trump IS FAILED;




Oh Lord, And Back to the Original Topic
Here of Power and Infidelity As Far As Sexual
Relations Go With People in Authority of Leadership;
It's Surely Part of 'the Animal' That Goes in that 'Level' of
Humanity of Power And Status, Hand-in-Hand With Sexual
Conquests With Both Male and Female fully in Cooperation;

Some Folks are Intoxicated By Power; And it reminds me of
Living in An area of the Most Christian Churches in Record Books
per Square Mile; 3 Disciplined Military Stations, All in close Proximity;
And 75 Percent of the Community Always Supporting so-called Conservatism;
But Power And Status Doesn't Care about that when it comes to so-called Budding
And Seasoned Leaders, Wherever one goes; the County Here Holds a Leadership Class
Each Year for Budding Leaders; in Just another 'Forrest Gump' Twist of My Life i got Selected
As Athletic Director With No Team Sports Ability from a Military Station; And No Ability to Speak
in Public Then at Least in my Early 40's, stumbling About as A Stutterer Like Biden then too; but overcoming
all of that Now With Poetry Flow; Anyway, it was going to be the First Night Missed of Sleeping with my Wife
in 14 Years then;

The Class Was a Simulated Society for Budding Leaders; but that Wasn't all; in the First Night Meeting, the 'Leader
on Top' Said What Happens Here Stays Here; in other Words, An Environment for Folks to Play around and Get
Away with it as Folks Interested in Power and Status often Do for the Nature of the Human Beast THAT Naturally
is too;

People Who
Look at Status
As Fulfillment
in Life; Love the
Chase And Conquest too,
In General; And it surely isn't limited
to any one Gender and that's for sure...

The Real Anomaly for this, i will Remember
Recently, is President Obama Squeaky Clean this way...

in Office...

John Kennedy,
Turned the White
House into a 'Hugh
Hefner' Mansion for
His Own Play of 'Sexual Conquests'...

But of course; Those 'things' were Hidden
from the Public Like the Horrible Things
Cops In Power Were Still Doing then to
African American Folks too; True,
In a Lot of Ways, We are Fortunate
the Truth on Record Comes Out Now;
but Typically, if You Want an 'Angel' for A Leader;
Skip the Leader all Together; Whether it is Church or State
As there is plenty of Evidence that ain't the Safe place to Go....

for that at least...

Anyway, It Doesn't Matter How Much 'They are Playing Around'
What Kills Does Kill; No Matter What Plays around Now



those he
Leads Even Breathing...

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