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Emu Egg

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14 Oct 2020, 5:24 pm

I Grew up thinking that following God meant sticking to all these rules because I had to. I grew up thinking that I would have to wait till I died to get to know the living God but that just isn't so. We can have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
I was homeless and a drug addict and I had chosen to take my own life because life had gotten that bad I could see no other way out.
I blamed God for everything I had been through. I told God if he didn't rescue me I was going to take an overdose. I heard God speak to me I didn't even know I was autistic till he showed me what was the root of my struggles. I now have a diagnosis. He also told me the reason why I have suffered and told me it was for a purpose.
2 years down the line I am married and have a beautiful little boy and a 2 bedroom house.
Who said that Jesus doesn't turn lives around and answer prayers.
HE and HE alone has parted troubled waters in my life and made ways where there was no way what so ever.
I may have failed a thousand times but he never fails

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14 Oct 2020, 5:26 pm

It is soo good to hear what you said.

Awaiting asessment. Neurodiverse 173/200. Neurotypical 21/200. Empathy 11/80. AQ 39.
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14 Oct 2020, 5:42 pm

Great you have such a strong faith now, and great to hear that you have managed to find some happiness.
Let the past be in the past, let you now make your future, and i hope that future will also bring you happiness.

I do not follow any faith but respect people's right to follow any faith that does not intentionally hurt people as part of their faith.

I also respect the rights of those who decide various forms of faith are not for them.
Although i do understand that part of some people's faith is spreading the good news aka their ministry.

I am agnostic although positive towards people who have faiths and people with no faith.
If they are nice, then i see them as nice, if they are nasty, i see them as nasty.

I have ASD and am stereotypically super honest, and logical. I say it as i see it. Trying not to side with any subjectivity and trying not to allow my own emotions and personal associations get in the way of my judgement.

Nonetheless, pleased that you are happy.

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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16 Oct 2020, 4:28 am

People may I asked can you prove God exists and my answer would have to be no
I cannot fit God in a test tube.
I cannot fit God in a Laboratory
But how do I know he is real
The same way you know the wind is real
Though you cannot see it you can feel it
I cannot enter the presence of God without being overwhelmed I often burst into tears.
They are tears of joy.
A few weeks ago one of my friends got hit by a lorry and was in a coma
The church began to pray and fight for his life
Within 2 weeks he was back on his feet.
People can argue the existence of God but they cannot argue what he has done.
It's history that can't be changed they may not believe it but its a fact once it has happened.
The reason posted this post is not to try and convert people it's because I know how painful life can be. The reason people share their faith is because of how amazing Jesus really is and words cannot do him justice when the original text was written in Greek they had to invent a new word to describe the love of God they called it an agape love. there aren't enough words to express how it feels to be made whole when you know how it feels to be so badly broken.
It's not happiness I experience happiness is circumstantial. What I experience is an eternal joy and a peace that surpasses all my understanding. I have a deep peace that I cannot even understand even in the chaos of life
This year I've also been diagnosed with diverticular disease osteoarthritis in both hips at 32 and I'm in pain most days yet I have joy in the midst of suffering. Its looking like I'm going to diagnosed with ptsd from sexual abuse. I'm not writing this for a pity party Its to let people know it doesn't matter how messed up life gets there is a way if you come by the way of the cross.
I went from living in the winter night shelter in march to working there as a volunteer in the December of the same year.

In JESUS name anything is possible


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16 Oct 2020, 7:42 am

For what we know of the natural world by now and what we know - especially post 2010 and into this year - of people and their political needs, religion is a social institution. Most of what's in that and what's projected on God is the needs of the state, the city, the town, etc.. It's a civic institution much more than any sort of promise of being lead to meaningful contact with higher or more aggregated forms of consciousness. The more libertarian the universe actually is the more religion - here on the ground - is forced to part ways with it and attempt to code whatever social contract is needed for the sake of law, order, and productivity to keep one's locality, state, country, etc. competitive against military and economic interests of others. Especially in the past societies which didn't take that approach tended to vanish under those who did.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is a hard business. If you try it, you'll be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privelege of owning yourself" - Rudyard Kipling

Mr Reynholm
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Sea Gull

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16 Oct 2020, 8:10 am

This post made my day! Thanks for sharing and God bless you!


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16 Oct 2020, 10:49 am

Politics Are the Clothes of Religion;
Love is Essence Of Human Healing;
Belief And Faith Are Both Powerful Subconscious
And Conscious Feelings Along With Hope And All Other
Human Senses And Feelings That Drive Us in All We Do

Ranging From the Seed
of Who We All Are As Nature

From Where We Go From Seed;
What Potentials We Seek and Find;
What Challenges We Make it Through
in Victory of Love and Hope in Belief And Faith
to How Tall A Tree We Co-Create With the Rest of
The Forest We Hold Hands With or Abandon as A More Solitary Tree

And Sadly Even Rebel in Abandon of All That is love in Vengeance of Fear and Hate;

God Is the Seed, The Flower, The Trees, The Forest, The Water, Waves and Ocean Whole

And True That Was A Parable; You Will Find Many Like This Across Endlessly Different Cultures to Describe
The Essence of What We Share in Forms of Symbols That Mutually And Consensually Relate Our Shared Realities
Now and in the Best Ways We Can And Will, Express All of What is Different in How We View Reality on the

Level True;

That Was Rather
Deep; Let me Put it
in a Story; it's what
All 'Bibles' Do to touch
What Science Will never
Be Able to Measure within
Empirically the Way We All
Individually Sense and Feel
And 'Know' Reality As Each
Human is Another Color
oF Light on a Christmas
Tree of The Entire
Forest of
All of
Us Together
or the Illusion
of Separate that
Sadly Some Folks
Disorder Away and Alone
As Solitary Tree Without Even any Branches...

To Reach Out
And Touch
As Truly
This is the First
Human Step to Reach
Out to Other Humans the way of Love Breathing For Real
Now in Us; Some Folks Name this Force God; Others Name
it Jesus; There are as Many Names As Grains of Sand on
The Earth; Stars in the UniVerse Above Beyond All
Fathom Beyond All UniVerses We Imagine Now
But What is Forever now; the Breath of
Love We Color Similar And Different
now; Sadly, some folks Get lost
in the Labels; in the Gold
of Chalices Failing
to Ingest
of Love And
Give and Share
it Free With All Others
With Least Harm now
Living Trees All Lit Up as Forest Now.

i was somewhat Encouraged When You Said
He is Your Only Way and Didn't Attempt to Force
Feed the Label He to Anyone Else And Let them Find Their Way to Love

Whatever Way
They Choose
to Name
Truly Breathing
Within as True God
and Jesus are No Better
Than Love for the Essence
of Love Unless We Label it,
Own it, And Try to Sell It As
Trademark For What no Group Owns alone...

It's True, Folks Do Prostitute The Essence of
LoVE iN Names That Are Labels; Worship the
Labels as Form Without Essence of Love
Breathing Within and next Thing You
Know You Are Sitting in Church
With someone Unmasked
in a Deadly Pandemic
Forgetting the
Essence of Love
That Would Never take
A Chance in Harming a Neighbor this way;
As Disgustingly they Say i Don't Care if i Die
or Not; Which in this Case means the Golden

IT'S LIKE THE ABORTION ISSUE; Science Shows in Countries Where
it is Illegal, More Folks Suffer and Die; Science Shows in Countries
Where Contraception Is Not Effective And Freely Available, More Abortions And Babies Thrown in the River do Happen

Or Like in my Town, Where i Sold my Old Camaro to A Man Rich in Cash; A Popular Pious Deacon
of A Church to Give it to His Daughter; She, Terrified for Her Father to Find Out She Broke the
Rule of HIS Religion in Abstinence That Science Shows Does Not Work that He And His Peers
Dictated to Her From HIS Religion; So SHE Hid the Pregnancy; Delivered the Baby then in the
Woods Dead through No Pre-Natal Care; the Family Dog Brought Back A Body Part; an Arm
of the Dead Baby to the Home; Mr. Pious Deacon no Longer Hides the Shadow of Human Reality.

Yes, It's True Ignorance Kills; Facts Save Lives and Reduce Misery and Suffering in Least Harm with
the Human Condition.

In Other Words, Our Ability to Reason and Develop a Scientific Method to Separate Wheat From Chaff
is Very Important too.

Usually in Hospice Care a Person Passes away with no Food or Drink in 3 Days; My Uncle Lasted 6 Days Recently;
My Doctor Could Only Relate why my Mother Suffered for 8 Days is that She Had A Strong Heart with 350 Rated
Total Levels of Cholesterol in Her Blood Stream; It's True, Love Makes A HeART Stronger; But Religion Gives
An F More about the Suffering of a Pet than Our Closest Loved ones As Church And State Join Hands
Again for More Human Suffering; Lacking Basic Empathy, Sympathy, And Compassion Not Hoarding
The Suffering and Misery of Others; Where indeed, We Don't Return the Gift of Our Life to Feed
The Rest of Nature As Love Does in Our Existence As We All Live and Die with Our Ending
Purpose to Bring More Life to others; Fortunately, Humans Have Arts to Provide this Gift of Love
to Others; lasting as Souls Uploaded in Dances And Songs of Love in Fossil Records for Others providing a Gift of Love;

That Doesn't Change the Fact that Science Labels the Effective Healing Results of the Power of Belief as the Placebo
Effect that Does Put Incurable, Deadly, Disease into Remission in the Medical File Drawer of No Empirical Way
to Measure How; As the Power of Belief is Beyond Scientific Measure as is Faith, Hope, Belief And all Other
Human Emotions and Senses Experienced in Individual way; Yet, it is Labeled As Placebo No Different
than the Essence of the Label of Faith, Belief, And Hope with Love as Science Shows is the Pinnacle
of Success in Healing ways of Social Cooperation Among Humans Now still; Number 1 Factor
of Happiness these Loving Relationships Between Human Friends And Family as that
Much Will Be studied and Measured in Empirical Way At Least Now for All to see.

Quick Side Note: Everything Associated with Love is my Current Special
Interest; i have comprehensively Studied the Subject as a Participant
Anthropology Observer Around the Entire Globe online Now
For Almost 10 Years; And taken about 12 MiLLioN Words of
Notes; Got so Good at my Special Interest, i wrote an
8.5 MiLLioN Word EPiC Long Form Poem Bible
While Public Dancing Now 13,844 Miles
Everywhere i go in Public for 85 Months
too As Moving Meditation Provides Flow of
Even More Laser Focus to Achieve Potential
as that is what Participant Anthropology
Observers do; they Participate in
The Culture At Hand; in this
Case the Culture of
LoVE iN Every
Way and
Loose As Strong
as An Orangutan
too As Science Shows
This is Possible with
Enough Moving and
Imagining one is Getting
Stronger Every day as Empirically
measured now Leg Pressing still
1340 Pounds, 18 Reps; and up to 1520 Pounds at 60 Years
Old; Empirically Stronger this way than Folks 4 Decades my Junior.

So it's true, We Will Measure the Empirical Benefits of Faith, Hope, And
Belief and What all Other Emotions Regulated and All Senses Integrated
Will Bring in Fruition of Tallest Mustard Trees and Sycamores too From the Seed

We Come
From the
Stars; Flowers
We aRe Resurrecting
From Super Nova Explosions;
Crucible Fire Gaseous Star Dust
Us Sentient Standing Seeing Where
We Come From in the Measure of
Our Reason We Use Science for Now
As Stars Are Flowers and Seeds; And So are
We; As Above, So Below; Within, Inside, Outside
All Around; Iron From Stars Death Resurrecting
Flowing in Our Blood in Core of Our Only Home
We Are Evolved for NoW EartH; Yet, Still We aRE ParT
Whole Fractal of the Entire Cosmos Nature As Science
Reflects the
All oF LiGHT
Comes From
DarK True
Humans Intuit
This in Symbols
of Words As Free
Verse Shells of Poetry
Expressing All We aRe
Never Separated As God all
Now Beyond Alpha Thru Omega
of All Symbols We Co-Create to Express this now...
Even Thousands of Years Ago in Revised Text Parts of 'Bibles' Now..

Okay; this is long enough; i never got around to
Telling the Story; Perhaps, i'll put it in the other
Thread i started about 'The Deeper Story' as
This Story Never Ends; The Story of LovinG iT aLL (God)

Moral, So Far; Label Love However You Like; Heal Yourself
And Others With this All Natural Force As God too; But Please
Always Remember that without the Essence That Love is Just

of SHells
On A Beach
With No Living
Breath of Love Within;
If you Look Within and
You Do Not Find Love;
If You Believe You Will
Only Find it somewhere
Else; Indeed You May Get Locked Out of
Love Forever Now too; God Breathes Within Best, Yes as Love..:)

As In Trying to Dominate Nature; Dominating Love;
Owning it; Trying to Force Sell it to others; truly only Makes it go away...

Bottom Lines; Essence of Love Breathing Within Giving Sharing Free With Least

Harm Healing is Real.

You Might be
Surprised How
Many Folks
or Found
THiS HEaven WiTHiN NoW...

For Many folks, it got Lost as SHells
Without Life on A Most Beautiful Living Beach Within;

Meanwhile, Folks Bow Down to Words As SHells; Feeling No Love to Give and Share Free With Least Harm.

Case in Point, Wearing the Wedding Garment of A Mask at Church to Protect the Lives of their Loved ones
And Neighbors With Least Harm now; 'They' totally Missed the Wedding Garment And Have Divorced
Themselves from Love.

THere Are SHells of

Love is Kind ALWaYS NoW
And Courage; Love is Patient Understanding; Love
Is Wise Enough to Do Least Harm For All of Nature God.

Leave Any of the Wedding Garments Out and Love Gets Divorced From Us...

When You Come Across Folks Who Are Missing These Wedding Garments Now
Seamlessly Their Nakedness in Empty Shells on Beach are Easy for those of Us LoVE iNCaRNaTE to Breathe

And to try
to Lend
A Hand
Up to
oF Love More than
JusT an Empty SHell in 'a Church'...
As Without Love That is Precisely
What Church and Religion is Just Politics;
Now And Often Sadly The Meme of Trump
Politics in Everything A Father oF All Lies Now
Loves, Fear and Hate Most; True DarK LoVE Exists too...

i For one Choose Truth in Light of LoVE iN Wisdom With Least Harm For ALL (God)....

i Choose More Than A Man; i Become His Story; His And Or Her Legend of Love

For Real And Do More;

As John 14:12
Suggests in a Book
More Aptly Read to DO As Love.

Religion And Politics Serves As the
Glue of Social Cohesion to Keep
Groups Together Surviving..

Love is
A Wing
Free; And Love
At Least Agape
Love the Love
Expressed in the
Beatitude Story of Jesus
Is Liberal Enough to Exclude No Part of Existence as Love...

And by God Conservative Enough to Save Lives With Health Care
For All; Reduce Suffering By Providing Free Effective Contraception;
Free Pre-Natal Care; And Sex Education Focusing on the REALITY OF

is No Category, Label, Or Specific Sexual Orientation Or Gender
Love is the Color of Love No Ifs and or Butts Different Love IS FOR


HAVE i covered all the Facts for Political Division; A Few at least i have...

Obviously, Many are Called And Few Chosen ones by Nature

Have What it takes to Complete the Love Pie...

In other Words
i Now have much
Compassion for those
Who Do not find this
Yoke now as easy as i do...

Would i Send Anyone to Hell
For the Gift They do Not Have;
No, i wish no Ill Harm to what 'they' already Miss...

Why is Well Beyond my Pay-Grade, Pay Rate, And Currency of Love;
Remember i'm Just a Participant Anthropology Observer

A Watcher
Indeed For Real
As We aRe ALL
God EYes This
Way Vision Varies
Depending On Model
And Make of Human God (ALL) Vision Now...

The Good News is Truly We aRe aLL
Similar Models in Terms of DNA;
Epigenetics With Overcoming
Challenges Makes the
Reality of the
Boy Who
Speak until 4
Assessed as the
Weakest Fish in the
Aquarium the Strongest
Fish With Legs in Every Room
He Walks in at least Where Anabolic
Steroids are not being used; Oh yeah,
With the Most Words Now; And sure haha;

i will provide More Empirical Evidence of that on Demand; hehe..

Anyway; i set out to prove this God Exists; in my own way irrefutable now too.

When i Do Research, i leave no Stone of Love Unturned; No Lamp Left Unlit...

And it's True, if 'You' are too Big to see;

You Still Exist,

Whether or

Not Folks Believe
You are Real not.

'i Am' Real and too Big
to OVERALL AT LEAST see; heHe, too..:)

i'm also a Real King of Pain too Assessed by
Doctors this way Living in a Real Hell Within
Shut-in with Type-Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
Like a Dentist Drill in my Right Eye and Ear that
No Drug would Touch from Wake to Sleep for 66 Months
With a total Synergy of 19 Life Threatening Medical Disorders;

The Professionals Taking Care of me offering no Prognosis for
Any kind of Recovery to Enjoy Any Kind of 'Normal' Life again were
Correct not only was it a Real Miracle as assessed in the Files of Medical
Conditions Moving into Remission; it's Not 'Normal' to Live Every Second in Heaven now too..

So Many
Ironies; Yet,
So Much Truth
in Light; indeed
So Much Different
in Meek Than the ones
at the Top of the Bottom
Now Still First As Last Now...

It's Not Surprising i am too big for any of 'Them' to see now...

Not to Judge Really But to Assess the Love 'They'

See in Dark as

A 'Watcher'


As 'They'
Pass Bye...

Language originally
Developed in 'Hopes' of
Choosing Few Answering Calls for More Lifting Others
Up in some small Spark oF LiGHT or Large as Large gets too..;)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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