Gone but Never Forgotten - 2018 Celebrity Deaths

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01 Jan 2019, 1:31 am

I saw an "In Memoriam" on some show, the other day, and was surprised by some of the people, shown----so, I decided to look-up who all died, and thought others might be interested.

I guess, with some, maybe I just forgot----but, others I don't remember hearing about their passing, at all.

Aside from the Bushes, Burt Reynolds, and Charlotte Rae, and some others, I was most saddened by Emma Chambers' passing. I SOOOOO loved her character on "The Vicar of Dibley", and was so surprised that she had died----plus, everywhere I looked, it just said "natural causes"; "natural causes", at FIFTY-THREE? Well, I guess----but, most definitely, "prematurely", IMO.

I thought it was really interesting that 2 celebrities died on the same day (January 10th), from the same thing (pneumonia).

Also, 3 celebrities died on 3 days, in-a-row (August 24, 25, and 26th).

What about you? Who will you miss, most? Whose death surprised/saddened you the most?

Jon Paul Steuer ("Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Grace Under Fire") - 33; died January 1st (suicide).

Jerry Van Dyke ("Coach" - younger brother of Dick Van Dyke) - 86; died January 5th (heart failure). https://media.arkansasonline.com/img/ph ... 9a8f88077d

Eddie Clarke ("Fast" - former Motörhead guitarist) - 67; died January 10th (pneumonia).

Doreen Tracey (an original Mouseketeer) - 74; died January 10th (pneumonia). https://cdn1.thr.com/sites/default/file ... racey_.jpg

Dolores O’Riordan (lead singer "The Cranberries") - 46; died January 15th.

Dorothy Malone ("Peyton Place") - 93; died January 19th (natural causes). https://c8.alamy.com/comp/FWTXA0/doroth ... FWTXA0.jpg

Jim Rodford (former bassist for "The Kinks") - 76; died January 20th (accidental fall).

Mark Salling ("Glee") - 35; died January 30th (suicide); had plead guilty, just weeks before, to possession of child pornography.

John Mahoney (Frazier's dad) - 77; died February 4th. https://consequenceofsound.files.wordpr ... .png?w=807

Mickey Jones (drummer/actor) - 76; died February 7th.

Reg E. Cathey ("House of Cards", "The Wire") - 59; died February 9th. https://i.ytimg.com/vi/nW_9bBG9q5I/maxresdefault.jpg

Vic Damone (crooner) - 89; died February 11th (respiratory illness).

Marty Allen (comedian) - 95; died February 12th (pneumonia).

Emma Chambers ("Notting Hill", "The Vicar of Dibley") - 53; died February 21st. https://media.wmagazine.com/photos/5a92 ... 972247.jpg

David Ogden Stiers ("Charles Emerson Winchester, III", "M.A.S.H.") - 75; died March 3rd (bladder cancer).

Ken Dodd (British comedian) - 90; died March 12th (chest infection); married his long-time partner, Anne Jones, just 3 days before his passing.

Stephen Hawking - 76; died March 14th. https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/hW5g4 ... 7789099690

DuShon Monique Brown ("Chicago Fire", "Prison Break") - 49; died March 23 (probable heart attack).

Steven Bochco (writer/producer "L.A. Law", "Doogie Howser", "Hill Street Blues, et al.) - 74; died April 1st (cancer).

Winnie Mandela (Nelson Mandela's former wife) - 81; died April 2nd (flu).

Yvonne Staples (pop and soul singer, "The Staple Sisters") - 80; died April 10th (colon cancer; diagnosed just 2 weeks before her death). https://chicagocrusader.com/wp-content/ ... taples.jpg (second from right)

Harry Anderson ("Night Court") - 65; died April 16th.

Barbara Bush - 92; died April 17th. https://www.gannett-cdn.com/-mm-/7d9efc ... 2&fit=crop

Verne Troyer ("Mini Me" ["Austin Powers"], "Griphook" ["Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"]) - 49; died April 21st (suicide).

Margot Kidder ("Lois Lane" in original "Superman") - 69; died May 13th.

Kate Spade (fashion designer) - 55; died June 5th (suicide).

Alan O’Neill ("Sons of Anarchy") - 47; died June 6th.

Anthony Bourdain (celebrity chef) - 61; died June 8th (suicide).

Joe Jackson (father of The Jackson 5, Michael, Janet) - 89; died June 27th (pancreatic cancer).

Tab Hunter ("Damn Yankees!") - 86; died July 8th (heart attack, caused by blood clot).

Charlotte Rae ("The Facts of Life") - 92; died August 5th (cancer). https://cdn1.thr.com/sites/default/file ... te_rae.jpg

Aretha Franklin - 76; died August 16th (pancreatic cancer).

Craig Zadan (producer - "Chicago" & "Smash", and live musicals: "Jesus Christ Superstar", "The Sound of Music", "Peter Pan", "Hairspray") - 69; died August 20th (complications following shoulder replacement surgery).

Robin Leach ("Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous") - 76; died August 24th.

John McCain - 81; died August 25th (brain cancer).

Neil Simon (playwright - “The Odd Couple” and “Barefoot in the Park”, et al.) - 91; died August 26th.

Vanessa Marquez ("ER") - 49; died on August 30th (shot to death by L.A. police [she pointed a BB gun at them]). https://imagesvc.timeincapp.com/v3/mm/i ... =face&q=70

Bill Daily ("I Dream of Jeannie", "The Bob Newhart Show") - 91; died September 4th. http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos ... 24-296.jpg

Burt Reynolds - 82; died September 6th. http://www.solarnavigator.net/films_mov ... movies.jpg

Gary Kurtz ("Star Wars" producer) - 78; died September 23rd (cancer).

Marty Balin (high, soulful voice in "Jefferson Airplane" and "Jefferson Starship") - 76; died September 27th.

Sondra Locke ("The Heart is a Lonely Hunter") - 74; died November 3rd.

Stan Lee - 95; died November 12th.

Roy Clark (country singer "Hee-Haw") - 85; died November 15th.

Ethel Ayler (Clair Huxtable’s mother on "The Cosby Show") - 88; died November 18th. https://img-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/ten ... =532&y=307

George H.W. Bush - 94; died November 30th.

Ken Berry ("Mayberry R.F.D.", "Mama's Family") - 85; died December 1st.

Nancy Wilson (jazz singer) - 81; died December 13th (kidney cancer). https://www.weaa.org/sites/weaa/files/s ... 02/nw2.jpg

Penny Marshall ("Laverne & Shirley") - 75; died December 17th (complications from diabetes).

Frank Adonis ("Goodfellas") - 83; died December 26th (kidney problems).

Dame June Whitfield (Edina Monsoon's mother on "Absolutely Fabulous") - 93; died December 28th. https://images.bwwstatic.com/columnpic1 ... A004B0.jpg

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03 Jan 2019, 3:42 pm


Idols of us of the Boomer generation are dropping like flies.

Not to mention some (like Vic Damone) who were of my parents generation, and the Cranberries singer who were part of the post Boomer, gen X music universe.


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03 Jan 2019, 4:15 pm

Campin_Cat wrote:
Jon Paul Steuer ("Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Grace Under Fire") - 33; died January 1st (suicide).

Little Alexander died ...


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03 Jan 2019, 10:22 pm

So did one of my greatest childhood influences, Stan Lee.
At least Spiderman, the Hulk, Doctor Doom, the Vision, and all the rest of Marvel Comics will live on without him.

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04 Jan 2019, 12:30 am


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07 Jan 2019, 4:47 pm

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