Amazon moving to NYC despite no subsidies

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07 Dec 2019, 12:26 am

Amazon will be moving to NYC despite no subsidies. Previously, Amazon had demanded $3 billion and a free helipad as a condition for them to move to NYC. AOC is taking a victory lap because the company essentially caved to her: ... subsidies/

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07 Dec 2019, 12:38 am

It should be noted that what Amazon is now planning to do in NYC, which will involve 1,500 employees according to the linked article, is much smaller than the original plan that was stopped by AOC and various protestors, which would have involved a second Amazon headquarters with 25,000 employees.

(The above article says that, under the original plan, Amazon was going to create 25,000 new jobs. This contradicts what I remember reading earlier, from other sources, which was that most of the 25,000 employees would be people who already worked for Amazon and would be moving to NYC. This in itself sparked a lot of protest on the grounds that it would worsen NYC's housing crisis. And, for that very reason, I'm very glad the original plan was scrapped. I also agree with AOC that NYC doesn't need to kiss any mega-corporation's butt.)

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