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31 Dec 2021, 1:44 pm

On my typical internet wanderings I realised that the inquiry into the Manchester bombing has recently just began and I assume is still ongoing 4 years after the attack. The authorities published this report this summer :-

He supposedly visited the arena many hours before his attack on the same day. After realising a concert was happening he went home, picked up his bomb and returned two hours later and decided to loiter for another two hours waiting for the concert to finish.

The police where on a massive lunch break and nowhere to be seen, the security guards didn't really care despite being told about him, he looked very out of place for a significant period of time and the bomber didn't even know how to use the toilet turnstiles. Obviously being so inept that entering the toilets is beyond cognitive comprehension doesn't even matter when the police are doing whatever they like and security doesn't care you're weighed down and aimlessly walking back and forth in a tiny area for hours with a 30kg bomb in your bag.

Bit of a head scratcher how he wasn't caught.