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11 Mar 2009, 10:22 am

The tongue of the chief coffee taster for a worldwide chain of coffee shops has been insured for £10m ($13.95m).

Gennaro Pelliccia personally tastes a sample of each batch of raw coffee beans at its London plant before they are roasted and shipped to its stores.

"My 18 years of experience enable me to distinguish between thousands of flavours," he says.

Costa Coffee, which sells 108 million cups of coffee worldwide each year, aims to double its number of outlets.

The insurance policy was taken out with Lloyds of London.

"The taste buds of a Master of Coffee are as important as the vocal cords of a singer or the legs of a top model, and this is one of the biggest single insurance policies taken out for one person," said a spokesman for Lloyd's broker Glencairn Limited, which arranged the insurance cover.


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11 Mar 2009, 10:41 am

That sounds legitimate... At least it's better than some pop star's butt being insured.


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11 Mar 2009, 11:30 am

My sister works at the insurance broker that did this.

Not Lloyds that is the insurance market place where the underwriters are.

It is not her area, but it is definitely a 'punt'. The risk can't actually be calculated very well because perception is subjective. It is his word against them. It is not like insuring a model's legs, where you can see the damage and ask modeling firms.