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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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22 Feb 2024, 2:24 am

hi hi! i wont say my name, but u can refer to me by my user. my pronouns are she/they. i’m turning 17 in like a week, and im looking to make other autistic friends. i lead a pretty typical teenage girl life and have a lot of neurotypical friends but i receive constant judgment from some of them for like symptoms or talking too much about my autism struggle. i used to mask a lot and didn’t really tell people about my diagnosis until recently. i have a lot of stereotypical social success but i still don’t feel welcome in nt society. i’ve tried other autism chat rooms but people were saying weird stuff on there. i’m also highly nerdy when it comes to music and wld love to discuss!! reach out :)


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29 Feb 2024, 10:46 am

Woah, music?? What kind? I like chiptune and breakcore, so, if you share such interest... Ki-ki! Am chronologically 15, btw. I do not know why it does not show on the acc. thing even though I put in my birthday and everything. But yeah!

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