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23 Sep 2012, 3:56 pm

I don't get this! I normally seem to reach an event associated with a special interest it begins to fade afterwards. The interest I have had for almost three years is coming to an end I can feel it I think everyone is sort of familiar with that, yeah? But here's the catch my event- the last film coming out isn't till November and I get sparks of interest in my thing, most days I get the adrenaline rush of interest for an hour or so and then it goes.
Second part I am planing to write a story that includes a lot of my background, more normal interests and I want to put a lot of attention into it for two reasons I want to either learn to make a special interest not as dominent in my life or I want to be able to have a special interest that I have created myself, not something my subconscious has created but should I wait until this interest ends, I'm not even sure it will end until another takes its place, I dunno!!