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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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05 Dec 2018, 10:49 pm

When I was younger, I would get physical a lot if I didn’t get my way. Up until I was 24 it happened a lot with my mom, dad, siblings, and friends. When I turned 25 it all of a sudden appealed to me to no longer get physical over anything that didn’t seem like a big deal when I thought it really did then. Beginning when i was 3, I really had a lot of traumatic childhood experiences that I went through with my siblings and parents that happened as a result of my actions. I pushed my middle and baby brothers around for fun and at times horseplay would turn to tears. To this day I really feel bad for them as I didn’t mean to let it happen to them. As for my parents when they would raise their voice over something I kept going on about, I would persevetate and get really mean and tough when I tried to prove I was right when I really wasn’t about stupid things. It started to matter more when I was a teenager and whenever my mother went to bed I would try to get all dramatic and beg for attention when all she wanted to do was sleep. It would involve my brother or father intervening with legal action and pushing me away when she’d lock her door after she would tell me numerous times to leave her alone and my dad or brother would enforce it. We would get physical and it would turn to self injury which it did a couple times with me and mainly with friends in school. When it appealed to me a year out of college to stop getting physical I stopped and since then I learned to respect my parents, peers, and siblings as more important individuals today. When I move out I tend to tell my parents, “do you forgive me for all the bad times?” I may have been abusive but I tend to make it up to people who tried to help me out for my own good. I even learned to respect teachers without ever getting physical and have been on good terms since. I hope when I raise children they will learn to respect their dad. It never reasons to get physical especially with loved ones you know. It’s tough.