can feel peoples' emotions in what they've written or made?

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31 Jul 2009, 3:23 am


Is there anyone out there who's ever had a sense of feeling people's emotions coming from what they've written or made?
Not meaning relating to it or understanding their emotions through it, but actually sensing them in it.

The other day tracked down on the web text of a supposed news item.
Did not realize what kind of website it was on until later went back and went and found site's home page.
Even before a single word registered there was a blast of anger and hatred seeming to fill, and actually come from, the page. 8O
Quite disturbing.
And all the more disturbing when I realized what kind of people the website was done by.
Sorry I ever went to that site. :?
(eventually did find real "source" of article, but that's another story)

That's not the first time that sort of actually feeling the writer's emotions thing has happened either on the web or on paper.
OR even felt in an object.

Not only negative emotions, but good this happens with.

Anyone else ever hav something like this happen?
Or is just that my 2 liter bottle of grape soda has gone bad?

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31 Jul 2009, 1:18 pm

this sounds vaguely like a spin off of the the "telepathy" thread

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02 Aug 2009, 10:39 pm

I get this all the time, especially when care has gone into making objects. It's like the maker is communicating through the object, and I definitely feel emotions from it. The object is just an expression, some weird channel of empathy..

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04 Aug 2009, 6:31 pm

Me too. Hand made items often give me that sort of feeling life some part of the maker is still inside it. A piece of their soul or something. It sounds a little weird out loud.

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