If you could make your own island.

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17 Apr 2010, 7:33 am

If you could make your own island what would it be like?

You can change that land into anyway you want or choose what kind of building and such are on it.


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17 Apr 2010, 8:26 am

It would be made of Chocolate cake.
All the trees would be made of fairy floss and if you bited them it would rain orange flavoured whipped cream.
Every animal that had ever lived on earth would still be alive and the size of a bunny and would jump into your lap if you looked at it and lick your fingers and mewl and whimper.
You could go for a swim on the beach and bodysurf down every wave and it would catch you before it broke and carry you back to the next wave.
The bedroom would be at the bottom of the Marianis Trench,
pitch black
and utterly silent

During the night you would rise up and awake on the beach
to the sound of surf breaking and the smell of freshly fallen coconuts broken open and awaiting to be drunken

:D :drunken:

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